Nepotism has always been part of Bollywood, not surprised to hear about it: Kumar Sanu

By Loudest Team
August 08, 2020
Nepotism has always been part of Bollywood, not surprised to hear about it: Kumar Sanu

By Sohani Mittal

Popular Bollywood playback singer, Kumar Sanu, needs no introduction. His rule over the Bollywood music landscape during the nineties is well known. With over three decades in bollywood, Sanu is still a name to reckon with.

In a recent interview with, Sanu spoke about making long lasting music, his take on nepotism and more.

How have the past 100 plus days been for you?

While everyone took the lockdown negatively, I looked at the brighter side of it and took it positively. I started exercising and lost around 12 kgs so far. I cook daily and the best part is that I can make any type of food. I think everyone should look at the brighter side and should take this phase positively and do things they love.

Nowadays, every other person with a fancy gadget and access to social platforms claims to be a singer. It seems we live in a generation of shortcuts. What will be your advice to such people?

No good comes from shortcuts. You learn lessons and gain wisdom and experience only when you follow the correct training. You cannot attain success if you're taking shortcuts in life to reach somewhere. Also, whatever is written in your destiny, will finally come your way.

So, the longer you struggle and get to know about life, about the industry and the field you're working in, it will make your success long lasting. So yeah, I think struggle is an important part of life.

When it comes to shelf life of music, we don't see the same phenomenon that we saw in the 90’s or the decades before that, what could be the reason for this?

It is all about creation and adoption. When you create something you put your heart and soul into it. Creating something is about struggle and hard work, whereas adopting or copying something lacks that essence. This is one of the reasons why many songs that we see don't have a lasting shelf life. Creation is always true and unique, because you created it. While adopting or copying decreases the shelf life of your work.

You are a self-made star. How do you feel when you hear about the prevalence of nepotism in the industry?

Nepotism has always been part of Bollywood, it was there during our time and I would say everyone has been a target of nepotism in this industry. In fact, I'm not surprised to hear about it at this stage. However, I think if we want to carve a place in this industry, we have to struggle and be ready for every kind of challenge. We have to face everything. If you don’t face your problems, how will you come out of them?

There was nepotism in our time and we have seen a lot of it. And it is happening today too. Also, I would say despite nepotism, there have been many singers who have earned their name in the industry.

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