“Music Industry Is Undergoing A Transformative Shift”-Rajitta Hemwaani Chief operating officer - Lets Get LOUDER

By Ojasvi Kapoor
November 06, 2023
“Music Industry Is Undergoing A Transformative Shift”-Rajitta Hemwaani Chief operating officer - Lets Get LOUDER

Rajitta Hemwaani serves as the Chief Operating Office at IN10 Media Network, a leading media and entertainment company in India. She oversees the music vertical, including content creation, acquisition, distribution, and monetization across various platforms and genres.

With over 25 years of experience in the music industry, Rajitta has held leadership roles in prominent media organisations such as Universal Music Group, Disney Star, Eros STX, Times Music, 9X Media, Reliance Entertainment, and Tips Music & Films.

Now, in an exciting new venture, rajitta is set to make waves in the music business with "Let's Get LOUDER.” In an exclusive chat with, she will delve into the captivating world of Let's Get LOUDER, sharing insights into this exciting musical endeavor

Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.What strategies has Let's Get LOUDER employed to navigate the ever-changing music industry landscape and stay competitive?

There really are no strategies if you ask me. One has to be updated with the kind of music the world is listening to and enjoying , one.

Two, keep an eye out for the really talented new kids on the block, give them an opportunity to share their music with the world.

And three , always try to be the one pioneering new experiments and new sounds that you would want the audience to listen to.

This along with the right business acumen and partnerships would be a perfect strategy for a new music label I think.

Q3.Can you describe some of the key partnerships and collaborations that have been instrumental in the growth of Let's Get LOUDER?

Though it’s  too early to announce all our partnerships yet, since we have just about started off, but our partnership with Believe digital is important for us to ensure optimum global distribution for our music.

A lot of brands and marketing partnerships are in the pipeline. Also our collaborations with the right musicians will play a very important role here on. Some who we have already partnered with are Nikita Gandhi, shilpa rao, ask king, Sreeramachandra amongst others.

Q4.What sets Let's Get LOUDER apart from other organizations in the music and entertainment industry, in terms of its approach, values, and impact?

I wouldn’t want to say what sets us apart as there are many music labels doing commendable work today  , but like in my earlier stints  with Times music, Tips and universal  music amongst others, I am always the happiest when we can create new clutter breaking sounds, collaborations and intellectual properties.

One would like to apply the above to market sensibilities and create this label that is known as a label that creates young and clutter breaking music for a global audience.

Q5.What advice would you give to aspiring business leaders looking to excel in the music and entertainment sector?

Having worked with nearly ten well known indian and global organisations over the years and witnessed this whole transition from cds to YouTube to the power social media today has on creating hits , I can say it’s a transitioning industry and one has to keep your ears n the ground to know what’s coming next.

Along with that you need to have the grit and determination to stick by your values and beliefs, give respect to all your partners and artistes when you deal with them so that they respect you and your decisions too.

And there really is no substitute for hard work ofcourse!

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