In Conversation With Shannon K: Delving Into Music, Movies, And Bollywood Dreams

In Conversation With Shannon K: Delving Into Music, Movies, And Bollywood Dreams

Shannon K, an American-Indian singer, kickstarted her musical journey in 2018 alongside Poo Bear with the hit song "A Long Time." Transitioning into acting, she made her debut in the US movie "The Big Feed" in 2020, starring alongside Manolo Vergara. Excitingly, Shannon is gearing up for her Bollywood debut in Vivek Sharma's upcoming film "Chal Zindagi."

As the daughter of the renowned singer Kumar Sanu, Shannon K recently engaged in a conversation with, reflecting on her remarkable musical journey so far.Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Could you recount your musical journey so far and share the story of your debut?

I've always been drawn to music, having been raised in an environment where my dad, a prominent Bollywood singer, played a significant role. It was a natural path for me to pursue music professionally, following in his footsteps. While my dad was incredibly supportive of my decision, he also emphasized the importance of facing the challenges and struggles of the industry on my own. In 2018, I made my debut alongside Poo Bear, and our song "A Long Time" resonated with many listeners, becoming a great hit. This positive reception served as a strong encouragement for me to continue on this path, as it affirmed that people genuinely appreciate my voice and work.

Q2.Who was your biggest inspiration in singing and acting?

Certainly, my father was my first and foremost mentor. Recently, I've also been influenced by Hollywood legends. When it comes to acting, I've been inspired by remarkable talents on screen, including the likes of Irfan Khan, Anupam Kher, Govinda, and our Western hero, Johnny Depp. These incredible artists have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping my journey into acting.

Q3.How do you stay informed and adapted to ever-changing landscape of music business particularly with the rise of digital platforms and streaming services?

I tend to maintain a more private approach, especially in an era where there's pressure to constantly engage with your audience on social media. I've found a balance between sharing certain aspects of my life and keeping others private. When I do share, it's either something meaningful or a positive vibe I aim to convey.

Q4.Tell us about your new song jimmy jimmy?

On March 8th, the iconic disco song "Jimmy Jimmy," originally by Mr. Bappi Lahiri, was released. I had the incredible opportunity to meet him during his birthday celebration just before his passing. We had a lovely chat, and he even blessed me, expressing his desire to collaborate on a song together in the future. Sadly, we lost him too soon. However, his son, Bappa, reached out to me later, and together we worked on a fantastic reprise version of "Jimmy Jimmy" as a tribute to his father. We maintained the authentic essence of the original song while adding a modern touch. The music video also pays homage to the '80s with vibrant disco lights and captivating visuals.

Q5.Recently you got a WEA award how as the feeling?

Receiving recognition for my native song in a foreign country where Hindi songs aren't widely listened to was truly unexpected. I was pleasantly surprised by the appreciation from the panel, which made me realize that music transcends language and barriers. It's heartening to know that people from any corner of the world can enjoy music regardless of their background.

Q6.What are your thoughts on Bollywood music, and do you see yourself entering the Bollywood industry in the near future?

I've had the privilege of collaborating with some exceptional music producers like HR, Shaan sir, and Sonu. Together, we've created beautiful hybrid songs that resonate with audiences. Additionally, I've lent my voice to several web series. Recently, I had the opportunity to star in a Bollywood movie alongside Sanjay Mishra, where I not only acted but also sang all the songs. As I continue to explore different avenues, I eagerly anticipate what the future holds for me in Bollywood.

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