“I Believe In Music That Carries You Away Or Sway You To A New World”-Meet Singer, Lyricist, Music composer

“I Believe In Music That Carries You Away Or Sway You To A New World”-Meet Singer, Lyricist, Music composer

Introducing  Musician, Lyricist, Song composer & Video Editor all in one package, Meet is the new bright face of music world, his songs has a fresh essence of love, romance & beats that is always ready to steal million hearts.  His Latest song “ Gallan Mitthiyan” has made everyone crazy. People are humming this song by every now & then. This latest Punjabi song of “MEET”  is now everyone’s favorite.

Meet is much Focused, Enthusiastic & down to earth, which also shows in his creative work whether it is a song composition or his regular works. His time management ability & humbleness wins the game.

His songs are proving that they are the GAME CHANGER In the music industry.  His Song “Laung” has already made the History and it Continuous to do so with bigger numbers now with “ Gallan Mitthiyan “ Turning out to be Viral in few Hours of it’s release breaking the records on music chart busters with the milestones of 13 Million+ Views on YouTube along with the crazy numbers on reels.

In an Exclusive Interview with Meet talks about his Musical Journey,Here are some edited excerpts:

Q1.Tell us about your musical journey so far?

I had inclinations for music since my collage days and there only I started writing and composing song in my hostel. It was well appreciated by my friends in college but nothing could finally be yielded as doing albums was a costly and beyond reach affair for me that time, but I just kept writing and evolving in those years. Then in 2010, after qualifying my Civil services examinations, that I started pursuing my music career parlarlly. My first music video came in 2012. Then Laung Song was released under Zee Music banner. And then this Gallan Mithiyaan song which is getting lots of love by my viewers.

Q2. How you chose music as your career, who inspired you to pursue this journey?

Thank you for this question. I think in fact music has chosen me. Because music is my life and till my last breath I would be pursuing to reach new heights in music. I would like to create a music that connects with every heart, a music that resonates with people's deep emotions and their feelings. A music that carries you away or sway you to a new world.After receiving so much love for my latest song Gallan Mithiyaan l am committed to bring fresh and new music for my listeners.

Q3. Can you tell us about your creative process when composing music? Do you have any specific rituals, or routines that help you get into the right mindset?

Yes, some degrees of technicalities are always involved but it is nevertheless a ritual. To me whether it's a lyrics or a music it bubbles up spontaneously and I thrive on it. There is no set of time or practice during which music will happen to you, rather usually when we are engaged in non related activities it comes to you. Then yes we need to refine it or fine-tune it further as per the latest trend.

Gallan Mithiyaan l had written it many years back. But when I consulted the team, they said I need to refine the lyrics further and find music which could be easily imbibed by the the youngsters. So, we did all changes and fine tunings to make Gallan Mithiyaan song. And it's receiving so much support of people that I want to say that it's no longer only my song rather it's people's song now.

Q4. Can you tell us about your any upcoming projects or collaborations?

What I can promise to my listeners that Meet is soon bringing many new songs to you. Thanks for much for your love and support to make Gallan Mithiyaan a successful song.

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