Dhruv Visvanath's Jungle, Is The One To Be Lost In!

By Yatin Srivastava
November 24, 2017
Dhruv Visvanath's Jungle, Is The One To Be Lost In!

Dhruv Visvanath's Jungle From The Album The Lost Cause

Official Music Video Out Now


Guess what! Dhruv Visvanath just released a brand new music video for the first single off his upcoming Full-Length Record Lost Cause titled 'Jungle ' and if you haven't checked it out already, what are you even doing? For the song and what it portrays, it's a genuine and honest vision, to say the least. Director Kartik Parmar's work is absolutely brilliant and sheds a completely new, mature light on Dhruv's music. [caption id="attachment_2520" align="alignnone" width="781"] Still From Jungle By Dhruv Visvanath[/caption]

I had the opportunity to talk to the man himself and ask him about the music video, the song and further, a look into the album. Here's what he had to say:

Loudest: How does it feel to finally kick off the 'The Lost Cause' Album Cycle? Haha, album cycle sounds like a laundry list of problems. (Pun intended). I’m more energized and ready to make a mark once more and do justice to my music in the best war possible. I’m ready to let people hear the music really, but I too want to make sure that I do it just right.Loudest: Let's talk about the video. It's brilliantly shot and whilst it being very cinematographic, I think it has it's own unique place when it comes to music videos. Where did the idea come from? Was it something you thought of on your own or was it something that was formed along with the people who worked with you? As the person responsible for the song, I’d love to take credit but I simply can’t thanks to the work of Kartik Parmar, the director for the video. He came up with the wonderful concept of feeling trapped and breaking free and that resonated with me so much. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the course of doing things like this, it is to trust the people around you. I’ve been incredibly nervous throughout the process but Kartik and his crew have been amazing and I’m incredibly proud to have worked with them.Loudest: The chorus has a very clear message which is also portrayed in the video itself. This I think further leads to the concept of 'The Lost Cause' and the record as a whole. Was that something you wanted to maintain visually? I’m an accidental songwriter. I often feel that things just seem to fall together spontaneously and through that the story is born. I kinda feel as if it’s the same with this song. With the Lost Cause as a whole, I wanted to be fierce with my songs, show a more aggressive side to my songwriting and I guess with my state of mind. I guess the anger I felt at myself for not writing music wholeheartedly as well as pushing and churning out things I wasn’t happy with, really contributed to what the album meant. Visually speaking, I think that’s where the director takes over. I always try to ensure that my music can be interpreted in any way possible, and from what I saw and felt, it was amazing to see the video maintain a similar train of thought with the song.Loudest: What does the song along with its visual representation mean to you personally? Personally, the video really encapsulated that feeling of being trapped. Something I’ve been feeling for a very long time. I guess it’s more of a message to break out of my shell, and I hope that I’ve done it successfully with this record.Loudest: There is a contrast between a small dingy room and the open sereneness of the jungle which offers a wonderful dichotomy about the things being talked about in the song. What do you have to say about that? It presents what it represents, breaking out of what holds you back, and pushing you harder than you ever have. Fight the sense of depression, chase the dream you couldn’t earlier, take advantage of the opportunities you have, and most importantly, stay humble. We’ve got a lot to learn.Loudest: Let's talk about the song itself. The songwriting sensibilities with this are quite different from your previous works. Is it something that we can expect more throughout the album?  That’s subjective! However, I do believe that I have grown a lot from my previous work. It’s been a massive opportunity to learn and grow over the last two years, a process I’d like to continue. I’ve purposely kept this album short because I’m determined to put my absolute best foot forward. I know I often sound like as if I’ve just been knocked down and I’m trying to get up again, but each song has been a battle towards perfection, at least through my eyes. I hope the lovely folks out there enjoy the music and the stories that go along with it. Loudest: What advice would you give to artists wanting to showcase their vision through a music video?  I feel that the time where simply playing in front of the camera is long gone. People would love to know what your piece of work means, and that requires interpretation. Give yourself the opportunity to give your music a story, and you’ll find yourself all the better for it. Loudest: Are there any other music videos/video content that the people might expect from this record?  Short answer yes. Long answer, yes. Hopefully, plenty more to come. 
Not only has Dhruv been working continuously, breaking boundaries and pledge campaign goals left, right and center - there's much more yet to come! The 'Lost Cause' album cycle has just begun and we can't wait to listen to the album when it's out! What do you think of the music video? Let us know!

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