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Prashant Ingole's is back with his latest rap song "Hey Ishq"which is inspired by his own angst

By Ojasvi Kapoor
December 14, 2022
Prashant Ingole's is back with his latest rap song "Hey Ishq"which is inspired by his own angst

Lyricist Prashant Ingole, who is known for songs like, ‘Malhari’, ‘Ziddi Dil’, ‘Udhal Ho’ and others, is basking in the success of his latest song titled, ‘Ganpati Dance’.

Prashant Ingole is on a quest to release his Independent music. Prashant has collaborated with many artists from the industry and now he has  released his latest track Hey Ishq written, sung and composed by Prashant himself. 

About the song Prashant says,”Hey Ishq is an ANGST of my own self put together in words which my heart felt after my break up in January. Most of my songs are my personal expression put poetically in words. Hey Ishq is mine but from every person in love and his/her point of view. It's what the people in love go through where the world looks rosy when the couple is together and looks barren land post they separate.. “

He also shares his future plans and adds,”Hey Ishq is the second song from my album (will release the album with the title track on 7th Feb) so won't disclose the title here. But the album comprises 7 songs. It's a story of every man and a woman, every boy and a girl who see life very closely. And the moments they go through and those feelings they come across in Life.

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