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Maninder Buttar Teams Up With Anjali Arora And Ammy Virk For New Song 'Soda Water'

By Loudest Team
April 12, 2024
Maninder Buttar Teams Up With Anjali Arora And Ammy Virk For New Song 'Soda Water'

Renowned for their prowess in the entertainment realm, Maninder Buttar and Ammy Virk, stalwarts of the Punjabi music and film industry, have seamlessly blended their talents to deliver a captivating fusion track titled “Soda Water.”

Infused with infectious energy and an upbeat vibe, “Soda Water” is a testament to Buttar’s versatility as an artist. The song effortlessly marries upbeat rhythms with playful lyrics, setting the perfect tone for fun and celebration.

In this musical odyssey, Buttar and Virk are joined by the esteemed Baghdadi, adding another layer of charm to the composition. Shot against the vibrant backdrop of Punjab, the track exudes a palpable sense of camaraderie and joy.

The genesis of “Soda Water” stems from a profound moment of inspiration shared by Buttar, who sought to create a piece that resonated with the audience and reflected the deep bond he shared with Virk. “A few words flashed into my consciousness, and before I knew it, I had penned down the lyrics and composed the tune,” Buttar recalls.

The collaborative effort between Buttar and Virk transcends mere artistic collaboration; it embodies a genuine friendship that enriches their creative journey. “Sharing the initial composition with Ammy was pivotal,” Buttar reflects. “His immediate connection to the material and his valuable input elevated the piece to new heights, infusing it with an emotional depth that we both cherish.”

Believe Artist Services, with their expertise and dedication, played a pivotal role in supporting and elevating the recent release. Their strategic promotion ensured that “Soda Water” reached its full potential, underscoring the significance of effective artist management and strategic partnership in the contemporary music industry.

As Buttar and Virk prepare to unveil “Soda Water” to the world, they stand as a shining example of the power of creative collaboration fueled by genuine camaraderie.

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