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Dualist Inquiry Sahej Bakshi Teams Up With Young Singer Rudy Mukta For An Upbeat New Single “No Escape”

Dualist Inquiry Sahej Bakshi Teams Up With Young Singer Rudy Mukta For An Upbeat New Single “No Escape”

Sahej Bakshi aka Dualist Inquiry, known for his melodic, guitar-driven electronica returns with a new single “No Escape” - a collaboration with 20-year old Bangalore-based singer/songwriter Rudy Mukta. The collaboration pulls the two artists from different musical worlds together to create a playful, danceable house/UK garage inspired track that explores new sonic territory for both Dualist Inquiry and Rudy Mukta. “No Escape” takes the listener through a loopy journey into Rudy Mukta’s angsty headspace as the brisk, pointed vocals convey a sense of woeful resignation at being unable to communicate her thoughts and feelings. 

“No Escape”, was the result of a long-distance collaboration that started when Sahej discovered Rudy’s music almost a year ago and reached out to her to ask if she’d be interested in writing together. The process involved Sahej sharing various versions of beats and instrumentals with Rudy, who recorded the vocals in her home studio. 

The cover art and animations are created by Mumbai-based animator, illustrator and storyteller Nayanika Chatterjee. 

Dualist Inquiry says,“No Escape” started out as an instrumental which I made to play in my DJ sets. After getting strong positive feedback on the instrumental from live audiences, I began to search for the right vocalist to complete the tune. When I discovered Rudy Mukta, I knew she was the perfect artist for this tune - this was further validated when the first recordings Rudy sent (which are usually treated as rough scratches) fell into place so quickly that they ended up in the final version of the song. Truly one of my favourite collaborations till date.” 

Rudy Mukta says,No Escape is the type of track that I never thought I'd make or be a part of, because the sound is completely outside of my usual territory. So I was pretty excited when Sahej reached out to me because I get to try something new. The lyrics "No help, no escape, can't jump over this gate" were written years ago, but they'd never fit in any song I'd written. I was really happy to see that they fit on Sahej's beat so naturally and so I built the rest of the lyrics on these lines. 

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