Supermoon brings #NowTrending ft. Arjun Kanungo tour Excited!

Supermoon brings #NowTrending ft. Arjun Kanungo tour Excited!

Pop sensation singer-actor Arjun Kanungo with Supermoon#NowTrending ft. Arjun Kanungo is geared up to perform across five cities in India.

Excited about Supermoon #NowTrending ft. Arjun Kanungo tour, “This is a part of the ‘we are Industry Tour’, and we are so excited that Supermoon has hopped on board for this tour with us. It’s super special to me as this is my first ever ticketed tour, so of course, this is very very special”.

The tour is going to be nothing but the best! With lots of parties, lots of late nights as they are performing in clubs. It is going to be ‘Subah Hone Na Da’ kind of vibes. The actor is super excited to see people party on the songs he is dropping from “Industry” and listen to their favourite songs of his, some Bollywood songs, some indie songs, some English songs, a mixed bag basically, but the focus is on “Industry”, which is the new album.

The composer reveals that he doesn’t get nervous before his performance, instead really looks forward to the shows. He has done shows for the last 12 years but he doesn’t remember the last time he was nervous. But he does have a ritual which is basically either to go to a gym or keep quiet for a couple of hours just to get that focus because a lot of his performance goes up to 90 or 120 mins. “We are focusing and keeping ourselves open to receiving the vibes from the crowd because every crowd is different, what they want is different. So, you have to be in that space to be open to receive the vibes. So, getting into the zone is my ritual”, he concludes.

The tour begins with Delhi to delight the music lovers on June 8, followed by Chandigarh on June 10, Bengaluru on June 12, Pune on June 15 and ending with a bang in Aamchi Mumbai on June 19.

Stay Tuned!!

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