Oriplast joins hands with SVF Music to bring to you Musi-Fusion for this World Music Day

Oriplast joins hands with SVF Music to bring to you Musi-Fusion for this World Music Day

The love of music transcends borders. It connects us and makes the world a much better place. For this World Music Day, Oriplast joins hands with SVF Music to bring to you Musi-Fusion with an ensemble of some very talented musicians who represent their generation.  

While Debayan Banerjee's "Amake Nao" became widely appreciated, Ranajoy Bhattacharya made a name for himself for his song "Mon Kyamoner Jonmodin". Rishi Panda and Prajna Sil Sharma's covers are popular across YouTube, and are all set to present to you "Ami ashbo Phirey" and "Boka Pahaar" respectively. Acclaimed for his work behind 'Behaya' Mainak Mazoomdar presents the recently released 'Bhul Korechi Bhul'.  Tune in, and celebrate World Music Day along with us. 

Prajna Sil Sharma said, “Music is something that defines me. Without which, I would find myself incomplete. It has the power to heal, and connect with people beyond borders. Ori-plast arranged Ori-Plast Musi-Fusion is a great initiative to celebrate the occasion.  

Debayan Banerjee said, “When I first heard of SVF music’s Ori-Plast Musi-Fusion, I was thrilled with the idea of sharing the platform with such stellar talent across the state. This a great way to boost up and coming talent while celebrating our love for music”  

Mainak Mazoomdar said, “SVF Music’s Ori-Plast Musi-Fusion gets across some of the best musicians who have come to define this generation with their own individualistic style of music. World Music Day is important because it reminds us of the power of music and the way it touches lives across the globe. Long live the world of Music!”  

Ranajoy Bhattacharya said, “Music succeeds where language fails. Imagine how bland life would be without music? I’m glad for being a part of ‘Musi-Fusion’ which is a great initiative by Oriplast. Happy World Music Day!” 

Rishi Panda said, “It doesn’t matter what I’m going through, but music has always had the answer to the yearning of my soul. I am proud and happy to have been a part of Ori-plast and SVF Music’s ‘Musi-Fusion’. Many thanks to Ori-Plast for organising something like this.” 


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