Join The Songwriting Revolution: GMI's Summer Camp Opens Doors For Creative Minds

Join The Songwriting Revolution: GMI's Summer Camp Opens Doors For Creative Minds

This 24th-28th June 2024, Global Music Institute (GMI) is hosting their annual Songwriting Summer Camp for aspiring and new age songwriters aged 15 and above and across skill levels. The Songwriting Camp is one of three camps being hosted at GMI, along with a Music Performance Camp and a Music Production Camp. Of the three camps being hosted, each unique and equally inductive for a new generation of musicians to upskill themselves, the Songwriting Camp has attracted the interest of many considering the rise of the genre as well as its applicability in the media and entertainment industry. 

Songwriting is an art of creative storytelling through song, where lyrics and melody come together seamlessly for a tune everyone loves to hum. Songwriters are working in the film and OTT industry as well as crafting advertising jingles. While many choose to release their music independently and earn through streaming revenues, today new avenues like sync licensing allow their music to easily be co opted by production houses while maintaining their intellectual rights. To be a known and loved artist or pop icon, the art of songwriting helps in marrying the musician’s individual expression to their audience’s taste. A form of storytelling, songwriting connects hearts and minds as it narrates the trials, tribulations, joy and love of everyday life. 

With more and more musicians on the rise with greater accessibility to wider audiences through the latest technologies and media reach, honing their skills and preparing themselves for the dynamic music industry is even more pertinent today. 

Over the period of 5 days, the Songwriting Camp will focus on critical aspects of the Songwriting process viz: Composition, Lyric Writing, Arranging & Producing, Studio Recording and Marketing. The participants will get to also work in groups and present a song at the end of the camp. 

The 2024 GMI Songwriting Camp is bringing Tejas Menon, Kamakshi Khanna and Chirag Todi as mentors. Tejas recently rendered his voice and compositions to Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Archies;’ he has a body of work as an independent songwriter and has been acclaimed far and wide for his unique style. Kamakshi Khanna, an alum of GMI, singer-songwriter and playback singer has been rewarding her growing listeners with her evocative, fun and relatable lyrics, melody and powerful voice. She has performed with A.R. Rahman and Euphoria amongst many other stalwarts of the industry. Chirag Todi is a songwriter, composer and guitarist based in Ahmedabad. Critically renowned for his work and recognized by A.R.Rahman ,Todi brings a slew of experiences from being a skilled musician to being a savvy music marketer. 

While the Music Performance & Music Production Camps are scheduled between 10-21st June 2024, the Songwriting Camp is scheduled between 24- 28th June 2024. Don’t miss this wonderful line-up of mentors, focused day-long capsules on the essentials and an opportunity to experience GMI’s campus life over the course of the camp! Registrations are about to close soon for these camps. You can find details to register here.

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