Goafest 2024 Prioritizes Skill Development; Unveils Debut Collaboration With D&AD’s Masterclasses

Goafest 2024 Prioritizes Skill Development; Unveils Debut Collaboration With D&AD’s Masterclasses

Goafest, South Asia's largest advertising and media festival enters into a strategic partnership with D&AD, the global arbiter of design and advertising excellence, to curate skill development masterclasses at the festival’s 17th edition, in Mumbai. 

Ushering in a new era of creative mastery, Goafest 2024 solidifies its position as a beacon of innovation and excellence and continues to redefine industry standards year after year. With a focus on skill development, creative excellence, and industry knowledge enhancement, the inclusion of three Masterclasses by D&AD at Goafest 2024 is set to elevate the festival to unprecedented heights, bringing the two titans of the creative world on a single stage. The three skill development Masterclasses curated for Goafest 2024 will offer attendees a unique opportunity to delve into the realm of creativity, inspiration, and strategic insight. Crafted around the central theme of 'The Age of Adaptability', each of the Masterclasses are designed to equip participants with actionable strategies and transformative ideas that are poised to redefine the industry's landscape.

The first Masterclass, ‘Trend Immersion Workshop’ will help attendees identify emerging trends and differentiate them from fads. A creative boost, it will inspire fresh thinking and encourage the application of past learnings. The workshop will drive innovation, ideation and fresh thinking. Titled ‘Unlock Award Winning Ideas’, the second workshop unpacks insights on the making of inspiring and impactful award-winning work and campaigns including wins from D&AD Pencil. The third Masterclass, ‘Unpacking Brand Iconicity’ is an interactive session that explores ways brands are using the iconic elements of their identity and provides tips for getting to the heart of a brand. The workshop will explore recent trends in brand identity, understand the making of ownable iconicity and develop an identity into a brand story. Each Masterclass is carefully curated and aims to educate through real-world insights. 

Speaking on the collaboration, Jaideep Gandhi, Chairperson of Goafest 2024 said "At Goafest, our vision has always been to push boundaries and redefine the standards of creativity. This partnership with D&AD is a testament to our dedication to providing unparalleled learning opportunities and empowering attendees with skills and ideas that will shape the future of the creative industry."

"We are thrilled to bring our D&AD Masterclasses to Goafest 2024 to celebrate and advance creative excellence. We have shared goals to foster diverse talent, drive innovation, and propel the creative industry forward to shape the future leaders of our industry." said Jo Jackson, CEO of D&AD.

Goafest 2024, in collaboration with D&AD Masterclasses, invites industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts alike to celebrate creativity, innovation, and excellence and chart a new course for the future of advertising and media, leaving an indelible mark on the global creative landscape.

For more information and to register for the masterclasses, please visit

Goafest 2024 is scheduled to take place from 29th to 31st May at Westin Powai, Mumbai.


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