YouTube Music Adds New Section Called 'Other Performances'

By Loudest Team
August 02, 2022
YouTube Music Adds New Section Called 'Other Performances'

YouTube Music is adding a new section that shows content related to what users are streaming at the moment. According to a report by 9To5Google, the 'Other performance' section appears while playing famous songs and artists, either in audio or video format. It contains related songs or videos including concert clips, acoustic versions, fan covers and more. The report also states that 'Other performances' section is already available on YouTube Music for Android, iOS and Web. 

Users to get related recommendations via 'Other performances'

To locate the 'Other performances' tab, users have to go past the 'You might also like' and the 'Recommended playlists' sections in the Related tab. It is important to mention that the number of listings in the 'Other performances' section could differ largely on the song in Now Playing and the artist. As mentioned above, users can expect both audio and video clips to appear in this section. 

The feature will allow users to explore more content related to their favourite artists. It could be a rare concert clip, an unplugged version of the song and much more. The report by 9To5Google also mentions that the publication was able to see simple YouTube videos of the artist's concert. Further, the feature also improves upon its qualities as a streaming service that suggests content without the user having to perform a manual search.

Users will now be able to create Shorts out of long-format videos

In related news, YouTube creators will now be able to convert their long-format videos into Shorts with the YouTube editor. If users select a part of their video that is less than 60 seconds, they can shoot additional videos with the Shorts camera or upload more videos from their gallery to make 60s Shorts. Further, the Shorts that are created using the feature will contain a link that will redirect the viewers to the original long-format video. It is important to note that creators will only be able to import their own videos into the Shorts creator.

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