Play music's important feature for Youtube Music may be coming soon

Play music's important feature for Youtube Music may be coming soon

It was a few years ago that Google made the switch from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, promising improved connectivity with the rest of its YouTube network. YouTube Music launched with a few features lacking compared to the earlier service; a sleep timer, for example, is still absent today from the newer service.

After sifting through the newest YouTube Music APK, I found that Google is actually working on a sleep timer for the service. In addition to showing you how much time is left, Google’s version of the functionality will allow you to add five minutes or cancel the timer altogether.

Using a sleep timer is an easy way to switch off audio playing for those who aren’t familiar with it. If you’re listening to music before going to bed, or for any other purpose, this is a great option.

Given that Google Play Music had it a few years ago, this is obviously a long needed inclusion. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and a number of podcast applications have also been promoting this function recently.

Regardless, we’re pleased that Google is continuing to add capabilities from Play Music to YouTube Music that were previously unavailable. Now, let’s talk about making it easier for people to delete devices from their YouTube Music account.

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