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14-year-old Chennai-based artist releases her first Single

14-year-old Chennai-based artist releases her first Single

Most 14-year-olds are creative and have a penchant to express themselves, yet only a few have the courage and chutzpah to do it professionally and share it with the world. Chennai-based trisha is one such. “Please write my name trisha and the title of my song ‘i’m tired’ all in small caps!” she asserts displaying an unusual singularity of mind for one so young. This aspect of her personality shines through in her brand new single too – an acoustic ballad released on May 20.

“I wrote this song in 2021, when I was in a bad place emotionally. Everyday seemed so monotonous, and it was driving me crazy as there was nobody who seemed to understand what I was feeling. I pictured these fantasies in my head that described what I felt, and wrote a song about it. Fantasies were my way of escaping from the world. Then I compiled these thoughts into an original song of my own,” she says.

To this, she adds, “Last year, my mom asked me to write a song for her birthday, as till then I was mostly doing covers. I had never done this before, and was quite excited to take on the challenge. The idea came from how I felt at the time. I was honestly very burnt out from the monotony of life and very ‘tired.’ I wanted to be true to my feelings. My experience of recording it was a lot of fun, although I took my time to decide the sound I wanted, even though it meant recording over and over again. I’m not sure if the experience was fun for the recording engineer though!”

Having been trained under esteemed Nigerian pop artist Asari : jazzsari, trisha is also a student of Hindustani and western classical vocal training. She has also been trained for piano and western vocals at Performance Collective School, Gurugram and has cleared Grade 4 piano with distinction from the Rock School of Music, UK (RSL) as well as Grade 2 vocals at the Trinity College Curriculum, UK.

For her first song, she worked on a lyric only video to fit her budget. It came about through an ardent search where she contacted a few lyric video artists online, before finding one who understood the concept as she wanted it to look. Next up, she is working on two more songs which she says are very different from ‘i’m tired’. However, she says these ones will also have a uniquely personal flavour.

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