Dubset: Music Distribution & Licensing Made Simple For Producers & DJs

By Onkar Gupte
July 27, 2018
Dubset: Music Distribution & Licensing Made Simple For Producers & DJs
Dubset is a problem solving service which was missing in the music industry so far. Poorly monetized user generated content (UGC) has already cost the music industry billions in lost revenue. But no more, Dubset offers DJs, rights holders, and music services a way to easily license, distribute, and generate new royalties for mixes & remixes. Dubset is a distribution and licensing service platform for all previously unlicensed DJ mixes, remixes and digital music services. In simpler terms it means that Music Producers and DJs can now provide their content (Studio Remixes, Music Mixes, Bootlegs, Remixes, Music Podcasts, DJ Edits) to Dubset's analyzing service - MixBANK which will analyze and determine the original works within the content.


MixBANK is a “derivative content marketplace” – meaning that rights holders (Labels, Distributors and Licensing Services) can allow their original recordings to be used in derivative works by approving it. After the approval this derivative content will be distributed out and with that new royalties will be generated. Everyone involved in this process gets a piece of newly generated royalties including DJs. This way, DJs can store all of their content in one place and distribute directly to multiple music services. Transparency is an integral part of any blooming business and MixBANK does exactly that by providing full transparency and report. Users have access to royalties data, analytics, and a set of tools that allow DJs, rights holders, and music services complete control of how, when, and where content is distributed. Dubset gives DJs & managers the tools to license mixed content. Getting started with Dubset's MixBANK platform requires no long-term commitments or upfront fees. Dubset gives total control to users over their entire catalogs and handle all the hard work of clearance.


MixScan is the technology that analyzes the derivative content in the MixBANK and breaks down mixes or remixes into smaller audio segments which are then put through acoustic and textual fingerprinting technologies, along with proprietary heuristics and pattern analysis technology, to identify all original master recordings used in the mix or remix. The result of five years of content analysis and algorithm design, MixSCAN utilizes a library of over 100 million master recordings and dozens of additional authoritative databases to ensure accurate track identification and label/publisher rights holder association. This information is then used to build a unique MixDNA track list and copyright structure that can be used to control usage and distribution of content by rights holders, and collection and administration of streaming royalties.

How Does Dubset Work?

Step 1: DJ uploads a mix recorded in the studio or at a show, or a remix produced in the studio to the MixBANK platform. Step 2: MixSCAN technology uses a combination of audio and textual fingerprinting, along with proprietary heuristics and pattern analysis technology to identify the underlying content owners in mixes and remixes. Step 3: Labels and Publishers apply usage & distribution rules to their content. Step 4: The User gets approval for their derivative work. Step 5: Listeners stream and discover the newly delivered mix or remix content on their favorite music service or application

Breaking the current system

The current system of music licensing and distribution have a lot of issues related to clearance & rights. Most common problems faced are Identification of the original content, Multiplicity of rights holders and Rights by territory. Dubset resolves these issues by providing a common platform for all the parties involved and generating new royalties for them.

Tie ups and other associations

In order to increase their catalog and MixBANK, Dubset has partnered with various labels, streaming services, publishers. This makes their clearance procedure more simplified and also for producers and DJs to legitimatize and capitalize on their work. Music streaming services Spotify and Apple Music partnered with Dubset back in 2016. Dubset also announced earlier that DJ sets and remixes will begin streaming on Tidal music service. Dubset have closed deals with big labels like Sony Music and the indie distribution company Merlin to expand its library of tracks and are reportedly working on similar deals with UMG and Warner Music.

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