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THT Backdoors Is Back With a BANG!

By Yatin Srivastava
February 15, 2018
THT Backdoors Is Back With a BANG!
Backdoors is a concert tour conducted by the wonderful people at The Humming Tree in Bangalore. It's inception in 2016 saw the mighty Steven Wilson, Patrick Wilson and Jose Gonzales in Bangalore. This year, the concert is going through Mumbai and Bangalore this week and the lineup is INSANE!  Last year was seen as the quintessential year where a very high number of international artists came down to India to share their music with their Indian Fans. It is concert tours like Backdoors that are making India seem like a good option to tour for many International acts and in turn, elevating the music industry in India to a new global level. And with Backdoors it's not just about making money, but putting on a show with top quality acts for fans to witness. This is what Nikhil Barua, the founder of The Humming Tree had to say about this year's edition of Backdoors and the artist's playing:
We wanted to be bold with this year’s programming of Backdoors and choose artists that we feel are at the top of their game and relevant and not safe/comfort bands that would be an easy ticket sell. Wolf Alice is personally one of my favourite bands and think they are as good as it gets right now so for me was a definite booking, Anderson .Paak with The Free Nationals has been on everyone’s lips for a while so to get the king of soul and groove was an easy call on many fronts. Watsky embodies who we are as people and the festival and we were thrilled to get him back, this time along with the band and Danny Goffey being britpop royalty (ex supergrass) is indulgence again :)
Along with the International Artists, we are more than ready for our homegrown artists - Prateek Kuhad, Divine, When Chai Met Toast and Mahesh Raghunandan to prove that Indian artists are easily at the level of top quality musicians from around the world. Mahesh, a solo singer songwriter who's travelled around the country showing off his beautiful voice had this to say:
Backdoors 2018 one of the biggest gigs of the year with such great acts on the line up. It's an incredibly special gig for me as well. First time performing in Mumbai, I can't think of any better way of doing it.
One thing is certain, this year's edition of Backdoors is sure to provide two days of absolute musical paradise in Mumbai and Bangalore! If you're lucky enough to have gotten yourselves a ticket, we can assure you that you will be witnessing absolute musical prowess across all the bands on the bill. We will be there ourselves to experience the magic in Bangalore!

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