“To Stay On Top, You Need To Be Consistent And Keep Releasing Music”-D Cali

“To Stay On Top, You Need To Be Consistent And Keep Releasing Music”-D Cali

At just 26 years old, D Cali embodies a unique fusion of Indian roots and Californian influence. Born in Delhi and moving to California at 13, his journey to success has been anything but straightforward. With a deep interest in music from a young age, D Cali seized his first opportunity to record a song at 17.

Gaining recognition for his exciting collaborations and catchy songs, D Cali's previous single "Chorni," featuring rapper Ikka, has garnered over 7 million views on YouTube. Another popular track, "Barbie Doll," featuring model and Bollywood star Sunny Leone, has surpassed 14 million views on the platform, solidifying his reputation as a hitmaker. D Cali has also collaborated with top artists like rapper Pardhan and Fateh.

In an exclusive interview with, he opens up about his musical journey so far.Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Tell us about your musical journey so far?

Yes, my musical journey has been very much like a roller coaster ride. I started singing and writing music when I was in high school. From there, I began writing lyrics and making compositions. When I was in college, I really wanted to take it further, so I planned to go to music school, specifically the LA Recording School. I wanted to learn everything so that I could focus seriously on music. From there, I started making songs. It's been a few years now that I've been practicing and learning music, and yes, it's going great.

Q2.Who are some of your musical heroes or influences, both from the Punjabi and Urban music scenes that you are inspired of?

If I had to name one person, it would be Jesse B. I've been listening to him since my childhood. After that, I started liking Imran Khan, Yo Yo Honey Singh, and Jesse Sidhu, as well as Jay Sean, Juggy D, and Rishi Rich. So, you have released your new song, "Teriyan Gallan."

Q3.Tell us about your new song “Teriyan Gallan”?

"Teriyan Gallan" is the first track from my upcoming album. We were working on a song when we found this really good beat for "Teriyan Gallan." The music was very unique, and the sound was different. So, we composed a song, with Meet Sarah doing the music and Mizaj writing the lyrics. We ended up with a really nice romantic urban Punjabi song. We recorded it in Delhi when I was there last year, and we shot the music video in Hollywood, California. The experience was great, and you can see the video now. Can you sing two lines from that song

Q4.How significant are streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube in your overall revenue? Also What strategies do you use to maximize your earnings from streaming platforms?

Yes, there are many different platforms nowadays, like YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. As an independent artist, you can find companies like TuneCore that manage everything for you. They ensure your song goes to all the streaming platforms, so you don't have to contact each one individually. We promote our music on social media, YouTube, Instagram, and other websites. We receive streaming royalties through platforms like TuneCore, CD Baby, or other similar companies.

Q5.What all challeneges you faced as an independent artists?

And now, you can sit at home, record music, and put it online to reach a worldwide audience. However, there's a lot of competition. To stay on top, you need to be consistent and keep releasing music. Instagram is very important nowadays, and you need to stay up to date, whether it's through stories or reels. YouTube and Spotify are also crucial. There are challenges, but the key is consistency, and that's what I'm striving to maintain.

Q6.So what we can expect from Punjabi music business in, you know, upcoming years or in 2024.

As you already know, Punjabi music is popular all over the world. In India, it’s a major part of the music scene and has a significant presence in Bollywood. The Punjabi music industry is huge in India, and I believe it is the number one genre there. It’s poised to take over the world. For example, Diljit Dosanjh has been performing worldwide, including at Coachella, and AP Dhillon also performed at Coachella. Punjabi artists are going global, which is great. There are many ways we can continue to grow and expand our reach.

Q7.How do you handle financial planning and budgeting as a musician for your albums?

Basically, I handle most things myself, though I do discuss ideas with my team, including my music producer. Together, as a whole team, we create the album and make decisions on budget allocation, which videos to produce, and which ones should have higher production values. I take the lead on these decisions, but I also plan everything carefully to ensure I don't hand over too much control to anyone else. That's the main approach I follow.

Q8.What can fans expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects or tours?

As I mentioned, I'm working on my upcoming solo album. I've already released some tracks, and in the upcoming weeks and months, I'll continue to release more.

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“To Stay On Top, You Need To Be Consistent And...

In an exclusive interview with, he opens up about his musical journey so far

June 05, 2024