NEXA Music Season 2 Marketed By QYUKI Digital Media Releases Their 4th song "Light It Up"

By Loudest Team
March 07, 2023
NEXA Music Season 2 Marketed By QYUKI Digital Media Releases Their 4th song "Light It Up"

The second season of NEXA Music, spearheaded by global icon A.R. Rahman has been in motion as Maruti Suzuki India Limited follows the tremendous success of Season 1. To heighten the suspense, NEXA Music Season 2 marketed by QYUKI Digital Media releases the song "Light It Up". Featuring the incredible headliners, Clinton Cerejo who gained popularity as an Indian singer, composer, and musician additionally, backing vocalist Bianca Gomes together this duo is known as Shor Police with a unique touch on contemporary music, not only via their original collaborations but also through their covers and renditions. The song Light It Up is the fourth song of NEXA Music season 2.

We all miss our inner child, and the song "Light It Up" celebrates that. A song that will help you let go of all your worries and unleashes your wild side. In the music video, an elderly couple ignores the age barrier and experiences youth again because they are too excited to leave the wonderland of games. The song serves as a reminder that life moves quickly and that you can't wait around to enjoy little moments in it for a very long time. With its groovy upbeat lyrics and catchy music, the song will get everyone dancing to its beats, making it the most dynamic song of the season. The song's music video, which just dropped, is already trending due to its catchy tune and alluring visuals. Clinton’s peppy lyrics and Bianca’s melodious voice has time and again blown us away and never failed to disappoint their fans throughout. The song has a free-spirit vibe and it blends in beautifully with the vision that will instantly put you in a party mode!

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