DJ Narain makes a grand come back with Tera Naam on Times Music

DJ Narain makes a grand come back with Tera Naam on Times Music

DJ Narain has made  a grand come back with Tera Naam on Times Music. No Bureaucrat has ever rocked musically like this at this level . “Tera Naam” is another must hear and watch Gem from D J Narain. The song  is a beautiful story about “ Love ,that couldn’t be !” , a situation ,straight,  out of every one’s life. There is a whiff of innocence and fresh air about the song along with  a memorable  music video. This song is the first in the series of chartbusters that we can expect again to come out the “melodies factory” of D J Narain and his friends .

Dominated by Bollywood , India is not a land for many  independent pop  rock to survive in the long run, leave aside becoming pan Indian Cults. There were ,however ,some rare exceptions .   Remember the great melodies of Aryans …They were perhaps the most popular and loved Pop Group of India in late 90s and then last decade. They belted out one hit albums after another . Their songs like Ankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra , Dekha Hai  Teri Ankhon Ko, Yeh Hawa Kehti Hai Kya, Raju became cult songs .

At the peak of Aryans popularity , they just simply went off the screens. Followers on various social media platforms kept asking where have they gone. Well, the story is , music was always incidental to them . Band with more than 300 Million You Tube Hits  and 800 plus concerts simply got bored.  They moved on .

DJ Narain , of the key pillars and founder of Aryans , also belonged to prestigious Indian Civil Services .  D J Narain’s story is a script out of films .  At the peak of Aryans , he decided to take a break from  the Music & the fame and find some solace far away from the  madding crowds . He first spent few years in the social theatre and famous Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Pune as its Director . D J Narain  then moved on for another few years  to operate at very senior levels in key Ministries . While most would have been enjoying the perks of power , at the peak of a bureaucratic carrier , D J Narain called quits to the corridors of power and decided to get on to big stage and his first passion music again.  Quitting at at the very top ,  this time he has done with bureaucracy what  he did with Music 15 years back . Recreating the magic of the past , this time he has created a musical master piece Tera Naam . A wait ,worth it !

Produced by Times  Music , hugely talented Sidhhant Sachdev  has directed and shot a beautiful music video  about of this immensely hummable “Tera Naam”. It’s a story of “Love ,that couldn’t be !” . Its a story of 2 college boys ( Meherzaan and Romit) & college mate Anishha catching up with each other again at a college reunion . The boys remember how they wanted to propose to their sweetheart . The trio  try to get back their mojo as they get stuck in post college work life . At the reunion, they  bang into college mentor and their music role model DJ Narain and for old times sake, they all decide to sneak  back to their music studio . In the studio  there is a flash back situation of the  both Meherzaan and Ronit discovering that they both loved and wanted to propose to the same girl and then , for the sake of friendship, ( In a bro moment )drop the idea of proposing to the girl . The girl happened to be Amisha only , who in turn liked one of the boys and used to wait if he would ever  propose to her. It’s a story and video of “love that couldn’t be”. An immensely believable and likable stuff.  Story telling back again in Music Videos with ‘Tera Naam” by D J Narain. It’s a clean Music Video and song for all age groups . DJ Narain has indeed rocked again after 15 years with masterpiece “Tera Naam” .    Tera Naam is a beautiful story about “ Love that couldn’t be” .

The song has been sung , written and composed by D J Narain( Dharmendra Jai Narain) .While the  music has been programmed  by upcoming Naresh Vikal , the mixing has been done Bawa Rocker .

This song and video is going to grow big. Watch out !!

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