A documentary created on 14th President Ram Nath Kovind by lyricists Aalok Shrivastav

By Loudest Team
August 05, 2022
A documentary created on 14th President Ram Nath Kovind by lyricists Aalok Shrivastav

Rashtrapati Bhavan has made a film for 14th President Shri Ram Nath Kovind on the journey of his life so far. It's a Doordarshan presentation titled as 'Paraunkh Ki Pakhdandi se Rashtrapati Bhavan Tak: Ram Nath Kovind Ek Yatra'.

The film is about 45 minutes long on the life journey of Ramnath Kovind from a small village to Rashtrapati Bhavan, writing and production is done by noted writer and lyricist Aalok Shrivastav. The voice of the film is of Arshad Iqbal. Rashtrapati Bhavan has released this film on their official YouTube channel.

Elated Aalok Shrivastav talks about taking up this responsibility of giving words to his documentary. He says,"When you create something for the biggest post, the President of India, it comes with huge responsibility along with excitement and honor. So you have to be very accurate and precise while writing and that was one of the challenge. Whenever you write on a biopic or biography of someone's journey, the important thing is it's authenticity but I was fortunate enough to get all the support and fact checks done by the president house which lead me in appropriate direction." 

Recalling his meeting with the former President Ram Nath Kovind he states,"I met him for 2 to 3 times and he was very cooperative and receiving towards the suggestions and ideas. He is a very humble and down to earth person. I have done many documentaries before but this was very important to me. Also, he was happy with how the film turned out."

Describing about the documentary and former President's journey he tells,"The quote "Manzilen Kya Hai, Rasta Kya Hai, Hosla Ho Toh, Faasla Kya Hai" which I used in the documentary is very apt on his life journey. His journey depicts how coming from a small town he completed his education on his own and became an advocate in Supreme Court and High Court. Later on, he joined politics and became member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) followed by Governor of Bihar and then finally The President of India. It shows the inspirational journey of a small boy from a normal school who made it big with is own integrity and grit and then became the president of India one day. I feel every parents should make their children watch this documentary so they can learn from his encouraging journey."

Lastly, he tells about how he got the opportunity to work on the documentary. He says,"Press Secretary to President Mr. Ajay Singh was in search of a person who is a filmmaker as well as a writer for this documentary which was already been shot by Doordarshan. So once while he was conversing with actor Ashutosh Rana regarding this, Ashutosh ji suggested my name immediately and then this happened. I feel blessed to be work for Rashtrapati Bhavan and that Ashutosh ji suggested my name for the s

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