Vygr Media Launches PAABA, Revolutionizing Brand Podcasting

By Loudest Team
March 21, 2024
Vygr Media Launches PAABA, Revolutionizing Brand Podcasting

Vygr, an innovative media company, is thrilled to announce the debut of its cutting-edge service, PAABA (Podcast as A Business Asset). PAABA is meticulously crafted to empower brands with the tools and insights essential for launching and sustaining successful podcast channels. In just its inaugural week, PAABA has achieved unprecedented success, with a remarkable 90 percent of potential clients opting to engage with the service, underscoring the burgeoning demand for specialized podcasting support in the market.

PAABA offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored for brands seeking to harness the potential of podcasts as a dynamic component of their marketing strategy. Under the PAABA Offering, Vygr will provide an end-to-end solution for brands looking to establish a podcast presence, from selecting compelling podcast names to securing engaging guests from Vygr's extensive network, overseeing the entire conversation, handling post-production, managing the go-live process, and promoting the entire podcast series for optimal engagement and reach. Leveraging its background in the news media space, Vygr is uniquely positioned to blend brand visibility with exceptional content, thus offering brands a potent combination essential for successful outreach endeavors.

"The launch of PAABA marks a significant milestone for Vygr as we continue to innovate at the nexus of media and brand storytelling," stated Sonam Bhagat, Founder at Vygr. "The overwhelming uptake we've witnessed underscores the vast potential brands recognize in podcasts as a medium to forge deeper connections with their audience."

The rapid success of PAABA underscores Vygr's effective approach, which merges strategic insight with creative expertise to elevate brands in the podcasting realm. This venture isn't merely about creating podcasts; it's about crafting a distinct voice and platform for brands to share their narratives, educate, and meaningfully engage with their audience.

Looking ahead, Vygr is dedicated to expanding PAABA, refining its offerings to align with the evolving needs of brands and their audiences. With a vision to emerge as the go-to partner for brands seeking to leverage podcasts effectively, Vygr is committed to pioneering innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

"We are thrilled by the initial success of PAABA and hold great optimism for its future. Our aim is to redefine brand engagement through podcasts, making it an integral aspect of digital marketing strategies across various industries," added Prashant Pandey, Head of Business & Sales, Vygr News & Vygr Media.

For brands poised to embark on a transformative podcasting journey, PAABA by Vygr provides the expertise, support, and vision to turn aspirations into reality. Abhishake Das, Head of Content at Vygr News & Vygr Media, remarked, "From conceptualization to execution, promotion, and eventual success, an end-to-end solution like PAABA resembles the meticulous orchestration seen in the event management industry. Transforming podcasts into mainstream assets for brands, initially as a means of enhancing brand visibility and eventually as a revenue-generating avenue, represents an unprecedented paradigm shift."

Founded in August 2022 by Ms. Sonam Bhagat, Vygr is a news media company dedicated to captivating India's tech-savvy audiences with meaningful informational content, generated both in-house and contributed by informational creators nationwide. As a leading player in digital storytelling and innovative content solutions, Vygr Media has emerged as one of the most promising new media brands of 2024.

Vygr's emphasis on podcasts and video-enriched content across various informational domains has carved a new niche for India's informational creators, catering to audiences interested in business, technology, entertainment, politics, and sports alike.

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