"The Techno Takeover in Mainstream Music is Everywhere”-Mihir Chandan, DJ Multi Instrumentalist & Music Produce

By Ojasvi Kapoor
November 17, 2023
"The Techno Takeover in Mainstream Music is Everywhere”-Mihir Chandan, DJ Multi Instrumentalist & Music Produce

Embark on a captivating musical journey with Mihir Chandan—a journey spanning over a decade—from a Handpan & Rav player, Multi-Instrumentalist, to a Composer, Live Looper, and Music Producer.

Recently featured in distinguished publications like Rolling Stones, MidDay, Spotify, Outlook India, Telegraph, Indian Saga, The Hindu, New Indian Express, and more, Mihir Chandan stands at the forefront of contemporary musical innovation.

Immerse yourself in tradition and innovation with Mihir's latest project, "Bride's Boiler Room." This symbolic event seamlessly merges tradition and innovation as the groom's procession unfolds. The "Boiler Room" transforms into a contemporary space, blending the old and the new, highlighting unity in diversity. Experience the Fusion of Two Celebrations, a parallel revelry symbolizing unity in a grand, boundary-breaking celebration.

In a freewheeling chat with loudest he talks about his musical journey so far.

Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Your Music journey is quite diverse in terms  of transitioning from handpan player,rav player to a composer live looper and music producer can you share your musical journey so far?

I've always had a deep fascination for percussion instruments, and my journey led me to discover the captivating world of handpans. What sets the handpan apart is its unique blend of rhythm and melody. Unlike traditional drums that focus solely on beats, the handpan is a rare gem that seamlessly combines rhythmic elements with rich, melodic tones.

In delving into this instrument, I found my musical horizons expanding, prompting me to explore the often-overlooked realm of melody. This newfound appreciation for melody became a pivotal point in my musical evolution. Eager to explore further, I ventured into playing the Indian basuri (flute), adding another layer to my sonic repertoire.

Given my involvement in music production, the keyboard naturally became an integral tool in crafting harmonies. The more I immersed myself in live performances and absorbed feedback from the audience, the clearer it became what people truly sought in a musical experience. This revelation became particularly evident during weddings, where people are unabashedly honest about the vibe they expect.

The transformative phase of my musical journey occurred when I began performing at weddings. This experience propelled me from being solely a musician to embracing the role of a performer—an act dedicated to fulfilling the unique desires of the audience. This trajectory has defined my evolution, turning me into an artist who not only plays music but curates an experience that resonates with the hearts of those who listen.

Q2.Who was your biggest inspiration in this journey?

My greatest source of inspiration comes from the immensely talented artist known as Monolink, particularly his real name, Steffen Linck. Hailing from Germany, Monolink is a multifaceted music producer, blending techno with his prowess as a singer and guitarist. The serendipity of witnessing his live performance during his India tour in Mumbai was an extraordinary stroke of luck. However, the true pinch-me moment came when I had the privilege of opening the stage for this musical maestro in front of a massive audience of 8,000 to 10,000 people.

Experiencing the enchantment that Monolink effortlessly weaves into his live performances is nothing short of magical. His ability to create an immersive and unforgettable atmosphere on stage has not only left an indelible mark on me but has become a guiding light in my own artistic journey. Monolink's influence extends beyond just the music; it's a testament to the transformative power of live performances and the profound connection that can be forged between an artist and their audience.

Q3.How does enchanting journeys 7 live instruments can create an emerging tradition with innovation in a spectacular celebration of love, tell us about this more?

We're delving into an exciting new concept that's pushing the boundaries, especially considering the current techno wave that has embraced the mainstream. Techno events have become a staple every weekend, drawing enthusiasts from every genre. However, when it comes to Indian weddings, the scene is usually dominated by a three-day extravaganza of Bollywood music – a beloved tradition that isn't going anywhere.

Yet, the desire for something different has surfaced. People are seeking to introduce fresh experiences for their guests and families during these extended celebrations. And so, the concept of the "Bride's Boiler Room" was born. A bride approached me with a unique vision – to create a sundowner vibe with her loved ones while the grand Bharat ceremony unfolds.

Traditionally, the Baraat takes center stage on the wedding day, but during the subsequent ceremonies, guests often find themselves a bit lost. The bride envisioned a laid-back sundowner event, a departure from the glitz of sangeet, mehendi, or cocktails. It's a dress-down affair, where we explore techno, tech house, progressive house – the kind of New Age music that resonates with the couple.

This inclusive setup encourages guests to gather around the DJ console and instruments, fostering a relaxed atmosphere that brings families together in a whole new way. As techno gains mainstream popularity, it wouldn't be surprising if Bollywood ventures into techno tracks in the coming years. My act complements this trend perfectly, as I seamlessly blend live instrumentation – playing the flute, handpan, drums, and more – alongside the DJ's beats, adding a unique twist to the wedding experience.

Q4.What is the future of techno music?

Techno music, once synonymous with underground allure and a taboo edge, has found its way into the mainstream spotlight. The genre's rebellious image, often linked to substance use and an exclusive underground environment, has paradoxically fueled its popularity. Notably, major events like Tomorrowland featured techno as a prominent genre, signaling a significant shift towards mainstream recognition and acceptance. The rebellious beats that once thrived in the shadows are now becoming anthems for a broader audience, marking a transformative journey from the underground to the mainstream.

Q5.Looking ahead what are your goals and aspirations and future projects?

I aspire to elevate my presence in the wedding circuit, aiming to popularize this unique musical concept—a special gift from the bride and groom to their loved ones. Currently engaged in three international weddings this year, set in Vietnam, Italy, and Thailand, I am dedicated to ensuring an unforgettable experience. My upcoming performance at the Coffee Fest at Jio World on November 25-26 adds another exciting dimension to my journey. Looking ahead, my vision involves participating in numerous festivals across the country, gradually expanding into South East Asia and Dubai, captivating audiences on a grand scale.

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