Meet Rishi Thakker The Multi-Genre Producer And Artist Taking The Music World By Storm

Meet Rishi Thakker The Multi-Genre Producer And Artist Taking The Music World By Storm

Rishi Thakker 24 year old multi-genre producer/artist Dropped Out is known for his lush chords, groovy baselines, airy soundscapes and tight mixes. He has been consistently dropping hits over the past 4 years. He recently had 3 of his songs feature on Netflix India’s number 1 ranked show “Class”.  Also, European football’s highest ranked competition ‘UEFA Champions League’ featured Dropped Out’s music multiple times. He has also delivered a powerful guest-mix on BBC radio. In addition he has also received international support from Marshmello, KSHMR and San Holo.

In a freewheeling Chat with Loudest,He talks about his Musical Journey,Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.What made you get into Music Production?

I have been making music since I was a teenager and in the beginning I wasn’t so confident about pursuing it professionally. Once I started getting better, I decided to drop out and started doing it full time.

Q2.If you would collaborate with an artist who would that be?

It changes every once in a while but currently, It’s Tyler the Creator.

Q3.Who is your idol when it comes to Music Production?

I mean I literally have an Owsla tattoo which is Skrillex’s label/collective so I guess I’ll have to go with him but Mr Carmack also deserves an honorary mention.

Q4.One of your songs that you are very proud of?

Dhundhala recently reached 10 Millions streams on spotify alone and I, personally as a bedroom producer never thought I would reach this milestone so it’s been a real blessing to see this song succeed in the way that it did.

Q5.What does the future of Music Production in India looks like?

There are many producers making waves in the Indian scene like Karan Kantchan and Sez on the beat and I also have a lot of friends doing some amazing stuff that deserve a shoutout like Manin, DeoRachit, Mlhvr, KRMA. So overall its headed in the right direction since India has a lot of diversity in producers which leads to more diversity in records.

Q6.What inspires you besides Music?

A big part of how I spend my down time is watching tv shows and movies which really works in my favour actually because it allows me to seek inspiration in a different way than I would while consuming music. Case in point, 3 of the tracks that I worked on recently got featured in a Netflix Show 'cla$$' and it helped me understand on a really deep level how music can evoke emotions when paired with the right form of visuals.

Q7.What project are you working on right now/planning to release next?

It is our rendition of the classic Punjabi folk song called Madhaniya. It is an upbeat, melancholic & dreamy garage record performed by Bebhumika &

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