In Conversation with For The Record's Llewelyn Hilt

By Ankit Chugh
March 19, 2020
In Conversation with For The Record's Llewelyn Hilt
Recently I got a chance to interview Kount aka Llewellyn Hilt. He is a Delhi-based Techno Producer/DJ and has been DJing for over 15 years now. His music is an amalgamation of intricate patterns and dark, detuned and twisted sounds. He has worked on two massive collaboration EPs with long-time friend and mentor Ash Roy and is a well-known name in the electronic music industry.  [caption id="attachment_12700" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Llewellyn Hilt[/caption] He started the For The Record Music School - an electronic music production and DJing school based in Gurgaon. The school was founded by Llewellyn and Pawan Chadha, in April 2019. The idea behind the school is to offer students a quality education that is affordable. The instructors at the school are all practising musicians who have real-world experience of the current music scene. They are offering students personal attention and feedback on their projects while mentoring them for a career in music. Students are encouraged to showcase their skills and given a platform to perform at some of the best venues in the city. Apart from courses and mentoring, the school also offers workshops and interactions with visiting musicians. For a tour of the studio, to check out courses and other offerings or simply to get in touch, visit Here is the conversation we had with Llewellyn:
Q. How did you start your journey in music?
A. My journey in music began in 1997 in Kolkata when I got an opportunity to intern under my mentor and long time friend Ash Roy at a nightclub called Anticlock.
Q. What made you start For The Record Music School.
A. I have been a DJ instructor for over eight years, and have always been very open to sharing my knowledge with others. I loved the teaching aspect and interaction with people from different music interests; therefore, I decided to start my music school For The Record Music School.
Q. Are you focusing only on electronic music.
A. We are not genre-specific Music School; we teach every student the correct form of DJing.
Q. What are some of the challenges you have faced in the education system in India?
The challenges have been numerous. One of the biggest is trying to convince parents that music is a good career option and that people do make a living out of doing it professionally. Not every parent is very supportive and encouraging when they hear that the child wants to become a DJ or Producer.
Q. What are the three things you dislike about the music industry.
I have been a part of the music industry for over a decade and there is nothing that I really dislike but would definitely like to point out a few things, I think the electronic music industry is becoming more of a rich kids hobby in today's day and age. What I would like to see less fortunate talented artists get the opportunities, which would help them move forward in the music industry and also help lead the way for others.  
Q. How important is music business education in today's age.
A. The music business is probably one of the essential factors in today's day and age. Not having the correct information, can lead you nowhere or even get you ripped off. Music business gives you a better understanding of how to use your talent in the industry, and what are all the other options you can tap in the music.
Q. What are your plans with For The Record going forward.
A - I would love to open another branch in India for sure.  

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