From DJ To Pop Sensation: Zaeden's Exclusive Talk On Music And Touring

By Ojasvi Kapoor
October 25, 2023
From DJ To Pop Sensation: Zaeden's Exclusive Talk On  Music And Touring

Zaeden is a well-known name in India's thriving pop music scene, known for his innovative and contemporary body of work. From the moment he released his first track, 'Tere Bina,' he established himself a name in the music industry, achieving over 40 million streams on his debut album 'Genesis 1:1.' His impressive live performances include appearances on global stages such as 'Tomorrowland' and 'Ushuaia,' making him one of the first Indians to grace these platforms.

He has launched the Revelation Tour in October, spanning various Indian cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bhopal, and Indore. The tour announcement came after numerous requests and inquiries from eager fans on his Instagram.

In an exclusive chat with, zaeden shares insights into his musical journey and provides exciting details about his upcoming India tour whose tickets available on Paytm Insider.

Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in the music industry? What inspired you to become a singer, and who are your musical influences?

I started my musical journey as a DJ-producer when I was 14 years old. I always had an inclination towards music and knew I wanted to get into this field from an early age but it was only until the age of 18 when I started pursuing music professionally. Thanks to Hardwell, one of the biggest names in EDM, who surprisingly played one of my remixes on his online radio show which led to people knowing me in India. I made the transition from a DJ to a singer in 2019, after almost 8 years of performing at clubs as a DJ. Singing was always a big time goal of mine and I made the decision to transition to a singer-songwriter with the release of my debut single ‘tere bina’ which till date resonates to be my most popular song. Some of my musical influences include Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Justin Beiber, The Weeknd, Alec Benjamin, and The Kid LAROI among others.

Q2.Also,can you start by telling us about your upcoming India tour and what fans can expect from it?

I kickstarted the ‘Revelation India Tour’ in October with my first show in Mumbai that turned out to be an energy booster for me to subsequently perform in the rest of the cities leading the tour. This tour has been curated to reveal a new side of me and put forth my next project in the spotlight, with fresh visuals and a whole new musical experience for my fans, while keeping the same energy intact and the undwindling love for my fans.

Q3.How do you see the music industry evolving, and how have these changes impacted your journey?

The music industry has definitely evolved since I began my career. There has been a lot more acceptance of music from around the world, thanks to the growing use of social media for the consumption of short-form content and the immense popularity of streaming platforms in promoting music across diverse genres as well as languages. For artists like me who are making music independently, these mediums are surely pivotal for our discovery and rise. It is definitely a good time for music and it is only going to go upwards from here.

Q4.Tell us about your future projects?

There is a lot lined up for the next few months. There are quite a few music releases that are in the pipeline which will build up to the release of my next music project this year. A massive transition is also in the works, details of which I can’t disclose yet but will come as a huge surprise for my fans. Can’t wait to see their reactions!

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