Exclusive Chat With GenZ Digital Content Creator And Independent Indian Hip Hop Artist-Dev Raiyani On His Latest Single 'Wait4me'

By Loudest Team
December 08, 2021
Exclusive Chat With GenZ Digital Content Creator And Independent Indian Hip Hop Artist-Dev Raiyani On His Latest Single 'Wait4me'
Dev Raiyani is a rising Gen-Z star who is taking the internet by storm with his talent and content. Dev posted his first YouTube video at the age of 13 but began creating content full-time in 2020. Recently, Dev released his new music video called ‘wait4me’ which has already been viewed 50,000+ times on YouTube and streamed 74000+ on Spotify till now. In an exclusive interview with loudest, Dev Raiyani spoke about his music journey and more.

Q1. You have been working in the industry for a while now, tell us about your journey?

Yes, I’ve worked in the entertainment sector for eight years, but the music industry is new to me. I’m mostly interested in curating and releasing music at the moment. Maybe in a year, I”ll have a platform in the music department, but for now, I don’t want to think about the future. Right now,I’m doing what makes me happy.

Q2. What keeps you motivated to create music?

To be honest, there are no set times, but every now and then late at night, I come up with a verse (they always start with words), turn it into a song, and try to come up with a beat that matches the same. Because stress is not something I love, I want to enjoy the process rather then obsess over it. Instead of forcing myself to do something, I prefer to go with the flow. Because of the stress it entails, I don’t aim to get involved in the full music industry just yet.

Q3.Tell us about your latest music release, from where you got the idea, and who inspired you?

For me, my personal life is a source of inspiration. I adore putting down my thoughts, and this song portrays my feelings. I don’t have any special sources of motivation, but Rohan’s work inspires me much. I get my inspiration from talented artists like Joji, Kid Cudi and many others. I try to merge it into my music in order to release something beautiful and since this genre isn’t well-represented in India, I want to bring it there because I believe it includes a lot of emotion.

Q4. You have been really active on YouTube and Instagram, how has this platform helped you?

Yes, social media has aided me in publishing my music since my followers recognise when I post new material, so having these platforms is beneficial, but it can also be detrimental. Why?Because content creators are sometimes misunderstood as musicians. I love it when they’re merely attempting to put out another piece of content that my followers enjoy. Music is probably more important to me than making content/videos. For the time being, I’d like to concentrate solely on my music.

Q5.What were the main highlights of your new song, which you find different from other music videos?

The making of the music video for the song was extremely amusing. I was just wandering around Los Angeles with a friend and thought “What if I come across something cool. Why not just ask one of my friends to record me while I lip-sync my song.?” Making the music video was a lot of fun, and the entire process took about two months to complete. I visited different places in LA, San Francisco, and New York while I was traveling. There were some great memories from all my songs. This particular release is a happy song usually, since most of my songs are pretty sad.

Q6.With everything happening online, the live music industry went through a big transformation as well. How did you adapt to this change?

I’ve never done live shows before, but it’s always been a dream of mine to sing on stage and have people recognise me and my song. So, when I return to India, I will flag locations for live shows, that’s what I want to do, but I also understand that it’s not really possible right now. So,I’m just trying to use this online platform as much as possible, just like everyone else.

Q7.Tell us about your upcoming projects?

I despise thinking about future projects. My approach is usually somewhat impromptu. I don’t want to release an album merely for the sake of releasing one because I put my heart and soul into it and want it to be really heard. I’ve been writing a lot of songs, at least five of which Idislike, but I may release some music in the future, 2022.

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