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Veteran Rock Band Parikrama Release Their Sophomore Music Video For "Tears Of The Wizard"

By Anshul Adlakha
August 28, 2019
Veteran Rock Band Parikrama Release Their Sophomore Music Video For "Tears Of The Wizard"
Parikrama is one of the many English Rock Bands that made its entry to the independent scene almost 3 decades ago and managed to bring laurels to the country's music scene by touring with Iron Maiden including a performance at the Download Festival in the UK. Following up to their first music video which was released in the mid-90s for the song 'But It Rained', the band just released 'Tears Of The Wizard' with a music video that premiered on Vh1 along with Parikrama's YouTube Channel. The band is now looking forward to releasing more singles and possibly another music video. Going in detail about TOTW and future releases, organist & synthesizer, Subir Malik in an interview with DNA says "The main feel of Parikrama is always to play live. It was never to come up with songs or albums. With the change in the market, visual representation is needed. So, we are also changing with times and that's the reason we have come up with this video as the first official release after 20 years. We haven’t given the kids of today any of our music to listen to but we are changing tracks now, something we should have done it about five, six years ago. We have close to 60 songs created over the years but not recorded. The singles will be a mix of new and old songs like Screaming Town and Life is Certain and we are also re-recording Le Chaim. Fans have also demanded the video of our violin instrumental, Open Skies." Although there are no plans of releasing an album any time soon, Subir goes on to ensure that "for our own satisfaction, we will most definitely be coming out with a record." The song 'Tears Of The Wizard' was inspired by the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and was in fact written for their tour with Iron Maiden. The music video is directed by Sujit Jha and produced by Sanjiv Monga and was shot in Arunachal Pradesh. The band was actually invited by the government of Arunachal Pradesh to perform at the MECHUKA Adventure Festival in 2017 and since the members were just left absolutely mesmerized by the sheer beauty that the place had to offer, they decided that the music video for Tears Of The Wizard will be shot in Mechuka only. The band further revealed that “We made up our mind that if we would ever make a video of Tears Of The Wizard (TOTW), this would be the place. Hence, after we came back, we conceptualized the whole deal, wrote to the government and to our delight, they agreed to sponsor the same. It is such an honor for an English Rock band to have a video sponsored by the government of the land.” Watch the music video below.

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