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Coven Code Joins Forces With Orbs Cure Labs

Coven Code Joins Forces With Orbs Cure Labs

Delhi-based all-female collective Coven Code is set to collaborate with Pune based collective/record label - Orbs Cure Labs, to curate exclusive mixtapes starting July 2019.

Around the release of her debut solo album, Slough, Pune based singer-songwriter and producer Gowri Jayakumar, aka Pulpy Shilpy announced her collective/record label - Orbs Cure Labs. With an aim to "push fearless experimentation, exploration and expression in the South Asian urban sonic realm". OCL wants to focus on bringing the underground female composers and producers from South Asia and expand it's idea through mixtapes, collaborations and showcases.
"As I started searching for female producers and selectors in India, the first and only banging group I found was Coven Code. I immediately approached them for mixes, and they instead, helped make it something larger and more consistent. We are getting the whole community connected through mixtapes as a first dialogue." - Gowri Jayakumar
Orbs Cure Labs hosted its debut event - 2024 - in collaboration with the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture (Mumbai) on June 14, 2019. The gig had OCL's founder Gowri Jayakumar aka Pulpy Shilpy, MC Manmeet Kaur, MC Tod Fod and EveryNowHere. "For me, the idea of getting mixtapes from underground producers, selectors and DJs is to first, listen to a different and unique streaming narrative, and then get them all under the same roof somehow. Right now, we have them digitally under the OCL MixCloud Roof." says Gowri. Coven Code is a well known Delhi based, all-female collective promoting art, music, non-binary culture and freedom. The collective of 16 women unite with a sole focus on making the music industry inclusive and safe.
"Coven Code seeks to collaborate with other participants in the industry who are also working towards representation of non-male artists in the field of music, sound, and culture. As part of the series, we will also be inviting our extended local and international network for guest mixes, including a session by Beijing based producer and DJ Syd this month. Through the initiative, we hope to share what we have built as collaboration with the community in India. Coven code has grown its network internationally, and we would like to share those connections with our community in India, and to showcase a diverse portfolio of what we have to offer as creatives." - Coven Code 
OCL and Coven Code will start publishing mixtapes twice a month on OCL's Mixcloud account. The first mix was dropped on 7th July by Coven Code's Zequenx aka Zainab Wani. Through this collaboration, Coven Code aims to work towards its vision of inclusivity and bringing the non-male artists from the periphery of the industry into the light.
"I really hope to build OCL's second event featuring the Coven Code fam." Gowri Jayakumar

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