Spotify's promise for Hi-Fi streaming could be bundled with a 'Platinum' plan

By Loudest Team
October 17, 2022
Spotify's promise for Hi-Fi streaming could be bundled with a 'Platinum' plan

Spotify early last year announced that it’ll soon be adding support for “music in CD-quality, lossless audio format” in its app. But fast forward to now, well over a year after, and we still haven’t gotten treated to it. It was almost like the music streaming service had changed its mind about the addition, except a new report now reveals that the feature could be making its way through via a new “Platinum” tier subscription.

9to5Mac reader Drew shared to the site some details on a survey he received: “I received a survey from Spotify today after canceling Spotify Premium for Apple Music after 10 years with Spotify. The survey shared with me details of Spotify’s upcoming subscription tiers available and asked if I would switch back “in the next 30 days” for one of these features.”

The details included some screenshots too showing off all that the Platinum tier will get you. Following are the features you can benefit from as a subscriber over and above the basic Individual plan:

  • HiFi
  • Studio Sound
  • Headphone Tuner
  • Audio Insights
  • Library Pro
  • Playlist Pro
  • Limited-ad Spotify podcasts

In the US, you can avail of this at $19.99 per month for 1 account. If that sounds a bit too steep, then worry not for if the plan is launched in India, it will likely be considerably cheaper – just like the Individual plan is. However, considering that the amount is double the price of the usual plan, it will be a big ask – especially when you take into account Apple Music which already offers Hi-Fi audio at a much cheaper rate.

Anyway, while the screenshots are almost certainly legit – the font and the overall design match Spotify’s styling – we’d have to wait a bit for something more official for confirmation.

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