Audio Network announced a new partnership with music search engine Figaro

By Loudest Team
October 14, 2022
Audio Network announced a new partnership with music search engine Figaro

Audio Network announced a new partnership with music search engine Figaro to make it easier and faster for customers in film, television, advertising, and digital media to find the perfect track to tell their stories. The collaboration has two primary aims: to streamline the work of music supervisors across the industry by leveraging the power of intuitive music search and to save catalogues time and money spent on music operations.

Figaro's proprietary platform will harness artificial intelligence (AI) to learn continuously about Audio Network's catalogue of music and the language used to describe it, in the process shaving countless hours off classification and making search terms even more relevant. The benefit for Audio Network's customers will be improved search results, enabling music supervisors to focus on creative decision-making and selecting the perfect track.

"By building Figaro into our workflow, our music and sales teams can take a data-informed and creatively-led approach to curation, so that our customers in film, television, advertising and digital media around the world are able to search, browse and discover the best music to help them achieve their goals," said Robb Smith, CEO at Audio Network. "There has been a lot of hype around AI, but we truly have been impressed with the value Figaro delivers. We look forward to exploring other intuitive search features together that will benefit our customers."

Audio Network's industry-leading search experience depends upon carefully crafted metadata, which is in constant need of updating to adapt to customers' changing needs. The partnership with Figaro will allow Audio Network to update search terms at scale, across 200,000+ tracks, keeping search consistent across the entire catalogue. Since Figaro's AI is dynamic and can evolve with the catalogue and culture, Audio Network will be well positioned to deliver its clients the premier sync search experience.

"With the continued growth in the amount and diversity of content requiring audio, it is becoming harder for music supervisors and content creators to discover music that matches their creative briefs. The ability to search for music using descriptive words that produce relevant results is crucial," said Lydia Gregory, Figaro co-founder and CEO. "We are delighted Audio Network recognised Figaro as the right partner to help create an intuitive and consistent search experience for its customers."

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