Amazon Music Collaborates With Bandsintown For Exclusive Merchandise

By Loudest Team
August 04, 2023
Amazon Music Collaborates With Bandsintown For Exclusive Merchandise

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Amazon Music and Bandsintown have joined forces to revolutionize the music industry by introducing an innovative merchandising integration. This strategic alliance aims to provide artists with an enhanced platform to connect with their fans while offering music enthusiasts a seamless shopping experience for their favorite artists' merchandise. By merging the reach and resources of Amazon Music and Bandsintown, the partnership promises to create new opportunities for artists to monetize their music and strengthen the bond with their audience.

Via the integration, starting today (August 3), fans globally can shop merch items from artists while browsing artist profile pages on the Bandsintown website and app.

Fans can now shop for merch including apparel, physical music, and accessories from artists on tour such as multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Fall Out Boy.

The Amazon Music and Bandsintown merch integration will let over 590,000 registered artists with Bandsintown for Artists use its suite of free marketing tools to promote their merch and music to their Bandsintown followers.

The collaboration between Amazon Music and Bandsintown marks a significant milestone in the music industry's evolution. This partnership represents a marriage of music and merchandise, fostering stronger connections between artists and fans while empowering musicians to explore new revenue streams. With a seamless shopping experience and global accessibility, artists can harness the potential of this integration to expand their reach, strengthen their brand identity, and create a more sustainable career in the music industry. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, this collaborative effort sets the stage for future innovations in music, merchandise, and fan engagement.

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