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RRE studios reprises Om Namah Shivaaye sung by Harshdeep Kaur and Tarannum

By Loudest Team
March 02, 2022
RRE studios reprises Om Namah Shivaaye sung by Harshdeep Kaur and Tarannum
By Noor Anand Chawla This Shivaratri, India’s beloved singing stars Harshdeep Kaur and Tarannum Malik Jain have reprised their meditative single ‘Om Namah Shivaaye’ to mark the special occasion.As a melodic and immersive chant dedicated to Lord Shiva and his innumerable blessings,this song highlights the many different names of the God of all Gods – from Rameshwaraya,to Gangadhayara and Jattadharaya. Conceptualised by Rajshree Agarwal of RRE Studios, the song is brought to life through the soulful voice of Harshdeep Kaur and the melodious vocal harmonies of Tarannum Malik Jain. Arpan Jain, a mixing engineer par excellence, has skilfully brought out the nuances of different musical instrument to their best effects, in this song. Om Namah Shivaaye’s music has been composed by Rajshree Agarwal and arranged by Abhinay Jain, and its contemporary beats are suited to the high-powered energy associated with Lord Shiva, while also catering to the tastes of a younger, more contemporary audience. Originally produced in the year 2020, the team felt the time was ripe to reprise this song in a new avatar. What better occasion to do this than on the birthday of the Lord himself? Hence,the reprised version with a fresh video was launched on the eve of Shivaratri on February 28, 2022 at 5 PM on the RRE Studios YouTube channel. On the momentous occasion, Rajshree Agarwal, Music Producer and CEO of RRE Studios says, “The production team at RRE studios wanted to release a reprised version of this amazing song. To make it different and something that really stood out, we decided to go with an unplugged approach. This completely changed the feel of the song – making it musical while still being meditative.” The aesthetically shot video showcases two lissom dancers – Aakriti Gautam and Aman Nayyar, accompanying the mellow tones sung by Harshdeep and Tarannum. Lyrics showcasing the various names of Lord Shiva artistically appear on the screen to accompany the musical refrain. Harshdeep shares, “Since it is a very soothing and divine song to listen to, it has the power to heal and take the listener to a very calm and positive state. I had a wonderful experience while recording the chants. The poetry of this song is written by Vishal Agarwala and it portrays the power of life through Lord Shiva. The music adds to the complete feel of thisspecial tribute to Lord Shiva.” The chemistry between Harshdeep and Tarannum is apparent. They are, after all, childhood friends, who learnt music together. Harshdeep lauds Tarannum as a brilliant singer whose harmonies have upgraded the track further.Om Namah Shivaaye (Reprised) released on February 28, 2022, and can be streamed on all audio streaming platforms as well as on RRE Studios’ YouTube channel.

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