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Boxout Recordings is Ready With Its Third Release by DNKLE

Boxout Recordings is Ready With Its Third Release by DNKLE

Less than a year since its launch, Boxout.FM has managed to establish itself as the country's leading tastemaker when it comes to alternative music. The community-run radio station seems to be doing the same with its record label, Boxout.FM Recordings. The label was launched in late 2017 with Lacuna's EP, Stains. The aim of the record label is to bring underground Indian artists and interesting productions that may not get too much attention in the mainstream, to the fore.

That's exactly the case with the label's third signing, DNKLE's 8-track EP, Ein Herz 2 Stadte. The producer from New Delhi, whose earlier productions have been more dance-focussed, has managed to deliver tasteful, brooding electronica that you can zone-out to. 

It's deep and warm; yet, each track has its unique character

The entire EP has a binding sonic character, which can be described as deep and warm. Much of the EP relies on sustained, warm basslines, which work well against sparse, spacey melodies. However, there is enough variation in the structure and instrumentation of each track to keep you interested throughout.

For instance, “Lipstick”, which is my favorite from the EP, by the way, has a funky guitar-riff laid on top of a sustained bass note. Together with the hip-hop flavored rhythm, it can easily be the soundtrack to a Guy Ritchie-film's edgy protagonist.


Compare that to “He Talks About You Like You Put The Stars In The Sky”, which is more brooding and laidback.


If you like electronica infused with guitars and dreamy pianos, you will like DNKLE's fresh approach. The EP drops on Boxout Recordings' Bandcamp page on 28th February.

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