You should check out these 3 Indian Guitar Brands NOW!

You should check out these 3 Indian Guitar Brands NOW!
There’s a full array of international brands and companies that provide high quality instruments in India. Does that mean there’s no Indian brands that provide the same? Most musicians and guitar players would know more famous Indian brands as the starter brands such as ‘Givson’ and ‘Hobner’ (you know where those names really come from right?) along with strongholds in the Indian Classical instrument area, but here’s a look at 3 Indian brands/companies that are creating absolutely insane and high quality instruments right inside the country! If anyone wants to talk about ‘Make In India’, this is definitely it:

1. Cathode Guitars

Cathode Guitars and Basses is an operation from Solan (near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh). What do they do? They make custom/high quality guitars that look like they’re from the future. Trust me, you’re not getting your usual Strat and Les Paul shape with these guys. Definitely influenced by brands such as Strandberg, Mayones and others amongst the like, Cathode Guitars is making instruments that come straight out of a sci-fi movie! Karan Katiyar of the viral YouTube channel 'Bloodywood' plays these bad boys in all his videos! Check em out yourself! And what’s even better is, you can get a guitar absolutely custom made and have all the specifications decided by you personally. Just go over to their Facebook page and shoot them a message! It’s as simple as that:  

2. Calor Amplification

Calor Amplification is a company that has been formed by a couple of guitar players who are very well known in the Mumbai Session Scene. They realised that there was no Indian company that was making high quality yet affordable Tube Amplifiers and Heads, so they decided to come up with a solution! Calor Amplification now has an array of products you can choose from, right from small combo amps to full fledged all tube Guitar Amplifier Heads and a full range of Cabinets with high quality speakers that are good enough to tear down an arena! We’ve recently seen players such as the like of Takar Nabam proudly supporting these amps! Check their products out at [embedyt][/embedyt]  

3. Dehradun Guitar Company Last but not the least, Dehradun Guitar Company is certainly one brand that is known more than the other two. Based out of Dehradun (as the name suggests, duh), they make high quality acoustic guitars. They feature fine woods not just from India but from across the world that make absolutely beautiful looking Guitars. The craftsmanship is really visible in these ones. Dhruv Visvanath is currently sponsored by them and has been showing off his Dehradun Guitar Company Acoustic Guitar across Canada where he’s currently touring supporting his new album ‘The Lost Cause’. Check them out at Long gone are the days where guitar players had to import products from outside to get high quality instruments. These brands show that India indeed has brands that make professional high quality instruments that are not just high quality, but absolutely beautiful as well! I hope this is also only the beginning, and that more brands will start coming up soon enough!  
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