Rapture Innovation Labs: The Audio Tech Startup Redefining Personal Audio Experience

By Loudest Team
October 05, 2023
Rapture Innovation Labs: The Audio Tech Startup Redefining Personal Audio Experience

Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd, a trailblazing audio tech startup founded in 2018, is poised to revolutionize the global audio industry with their flagship product, the Sonic Lamb headphones. They’re unleashing a new personal audio experience that will transform music and entertainment as we know it. Their headphones represent not just a product but a giant stride forward, marking India's debut on the global audio innovation stage.

From College Friends to Audio Pioneers:

Navajith and Jagath, the co-founders and college friends, embarked on this incredible journey driven by their shared love for music and innovation. Rapture Innovation isn't just about headphones, it’s about crafting unique audio experiences by leveraging the impact of sound and enhancing it using innovative audio technology.

The Entrepreneurial Spark:

Navajith, hailing from Mangalore, and Jagath from Madikeri, pursued their engineering degrees at Sahyadri College of Engineering, Mangalore. The shared passion for invention and participation in national tech and innovation competitions ignited their entrepreneurial spirits. One of their most notable creations, a Smart Helmet for motorcyclists, earned them accolades as 'Best Young Innovators' in 2015 and a 'Gold Award' in 2018.

Born of Innovation at its Core:

Innovation lies at the heart of Rapture Innovations' ethos. Their journey commenced with the realization that entire audio industry had drifted from its core purpose of delivering superlative audio quality. Sonic Lamb headphones rekindle the focus on redefining audio reproduction, serving as a testament to innovation.

A Sonic Revolution is underway:

The duo and their teams relentless pursuit of engineering sound experiences, beyond just hearing to feeling it, led to the development of their Hybrid Driver Technology which uses a combination air and body conduction for reproducing sound. This pivotal breakthrough became the foundation for Sonic Lamb headphones, which is designed to recreate the clarity, sound-staging and visceral sub bass experienced at - live concerts, Hi-Fi speakers and in cinemas, right within the headphones. The Sonic Lamb headphones epitomize a fusion of air and body conduction, deliver and excel in both crystal-clear audio along with powerful bass, culminating in a listening experience of unparalleled immersion and audio fidelity.

Made in India, for the World: 

Rapture Innovations firmly believes in India's potential to emerge as a global leader in audio technology. Every aspect, from audio tech and product design, engineering to manufacturing, it all transpires on Indian soil. Showcasing the nation's youth entrepreneurial prowess on the 

global stage. The company's commitment extends to nurturing an ecosystem for manufacturing high-end audio devices within India, which will be at par with the best in the world. 

Notable Milestones and Achievements:

International SoundTech Accelerator Program: Chosen as one of the seven startups worldwide, and the only startup outside of Europe, in the prestigious SoundTech accelerator program by Sound Hub Denmark which is co-founded by reputed and premium audio brands like Bang & Olufsen and Harman. This program enables Rapture to test refine and validate their technology and product using world-class equipment, resources, and support from veterans in the acoustics and audio industry.

Elevate 100 Program: Recognized as one of Karnataka's top 100 startups in 2022 by the Government of Karnataka and KITS.

Nidhi Prayas Program: Recognized as one of India's top 75 promising startups by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, under the Nidhi Prayas program.

Patent Grants: Rapture Innovations' groundbreaking audio technology has secured a patent in India, with applications pending in 26 other countries.

First 500 Orders: The soft launch of Sonic Lamb garnered orders from an astounding 50 countries.

Support Network: Backed by Deshpande Startups, Hubli, National Institute of Design (NDBI-NID), Ahmedabad, T-Hub, and a consortium of angel investors and mentors from the world's foremost tech and audio companies, including Google, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Bose, and B&O.

Stalwart Support & Encouragement: Rapture Innovations has garnered pivotal financial backing from angel investors, incubators, and government grants, including the esteemed SINE IIT-B, Nidhi Prayas- DST, Govt. Of India, Elevate, and KESDM - Govt. Of Karnataka, empowering them to bring their groundbreaking audio technology to life. Notable incubator supporters included renowned institutions such as NDBI - National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, and Deshpande Startups-Hubli, who have wholeheartedly supported this innovative venture. Additionally, the company received support from a diverse group of angel investors, including founders of startups, esteemed organizations, and former or current senior executives at tech giants like Bose, Google, Qualcomm, IBM, and Microsoft. Their collective experience and expertise have further fortified Rapture Innovations' journey towards redefining audio experiences.

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