Mayur Jumani has given a musical twist,To celebrate IKEA India’s new brand positioning "Ghar Aa Jao"

By Ojasvi Kapoor
November 23, 2022
Mayur Jumani has given a musical twist,To celebrate IKEA India’s new brand positioning "Ghar Aa Jao"

To celebrate IKEA India’s new brand positioning "Ghar Aa Jao", Come Home to IKEA, Mayur Jumani has taken a musical twist and created this slice-of-life video inviting people to come home and celebrate their life at home.

For the video, Mayur visited the IKEA Navi Mumbai store to shoot the video. He created the beats of his music video out of IKEA products and themed the song around Ghar Aa Jao. The song showcases the visuals of the beautiful IKEA store and invites people to come over to IKEA and experience a better life at home.

Ikea India announces its new brand positioning 'Ghar Aa Jao' through new  campaign: Best Media Info

Tell us about your journey into music and content creation?

I've been making music and playing instruments like the piano since I was a young child.

Even though I was an engineering student, I enjoyed playing music in my own time. I used to write, make music, and perform at local venues after finishing my engineering degree while working a full-time job to gain more experience.

I had the aptitude, zeal, and ambition to thrive in the music industry, so several of my friends at the time encouraged me to take music more seriously. I chose to apply to the Berklee Master's programme, and much to my amazement, I was accepted in spite of the fact that I had no prior formal music training. That was the tipping point for me.

After receiving my degree, I worked on a few projects in Los Angeles before returning immediately to Mumbai to advance my career.

I've been doing odd remixes and launchpad videos since 2014. I remember that my second-ever remix of the 1990s song Blue - Da Ba Dee was published on 9gag. Because I was more engaged in other pursuits like live concerts and producing songs for web shows and Bollywood, I didn't take social media very seriously.

My social media experience actually started in 2020, when one of my initial meme mixes were widely shared online. I used to create a new one every two to three days. I think I'm the only one who can create, mix, and compose an entire track in such a brief period of time before filming a complete video around it.

Thanks to social media, I was able to promote my producing skills and get more involved in the writing community.

 How did your campaign for IKEA come about?

I could tell right away that the IKEA campaign would be distinctive. I immediately thought of going inside IKEA, recording some strange noises, and sitting on one of their workstations to compose a song. There are just no better settings for the music video than those that are already in place. The finished project, which we all produced using our own creative freedom thanks to the kindness of the IKEA personnel, amazed everyone.

 What was your inspiration behind the song you created that too in a day, how you chose the music, the sounds?

I do remember getting very anxious while driving to IKEA. We had no idea what the music was going to sound like. This can turn out to be the best or worst thing. I only had one day to record and produce the song Ghar Aa Jao since the vocalist was writing the lyrics while my videographer was scouting for appropriate locations. The results were unexpected even for me because everything happened so smoothly.

What is your aim with your audio production house 'Aux Media'?

Prior to music, I worked as a UX Designer for two years and learned a lot of really useful skills. I always create content with the audience in mind. My mind is constantly on the user's experience as they listen to my song. This is without a doubt what gave me the upper hand, and AUX media is a place where I can effectively apply both of my skill sets. The audio production company develops and comes up with ideas for brand campaigns in addition to producing music. Today, audio is the foundation of the majority of viral content. We ensure that this specific audio recording has everything it needs to go viral on digital platforms.

How do you think the audio, music industry is revolving and trends that can be expected over the coming months?

The audio industry is currently seeing a huge shift in how things work. It's become crucial for everyone to come up with a 30-second earworm that, after being heard once, will stick in the listener's head thanks to this new trend of short format music. My aim while writing music has always been to generate upbeat, catchy songs that anybody can appreciate.

What are your future plans?

Many plans are in the works for AUX media. The company is being built in four different verticals. I won't reveal them all right now, but hopefully soon.Aside from that, I'm finally working on my solo EP after a long hiatus. In addition, I intend to begin performing live very soon. So, this is just the beginning!


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