Magnum Double Barrel Whiskey Brings Alive The Story Of Tribe Mama -A Pilot Turned Musician

Magnum Double Barrel Whiskey Brings Alive The Story Of Tribe Mama -A Pilot Turned Musician

Tribemama Marykali, also known as Anna Katharina Valayil, is a multifaceted individual with a diverse cultural background. She was born into an Indian family with Malayali roots, grew up in Nigeria, and spent her university days in Melbourne, Australia, where she discovered her passion for aviation and trained as a pilot in Bendigo.

Apart from her passion for aviation, Tribe Mama is also a gifted artist and musician. She has been creating music and visual art for many years and has gained a significant following on social media platforms. Tribe Mama’s music is inspired by her experiences and perspectives, reflecting her unique cultural background and worldview. Her music is a blend of different styles, incorporating elements of Kerala folk music inspired from her birth roots and afro-reggae beats, hip-hop rhythms, and electronic music being a takeaway from her stay in Africa and Australia.

In a candid chat with,She talks about her journey.

Q1. What message do you hope to convey through your art and music and how was your experience  working with Budweiser Magnum Double Barrel Whiskey on this documentary-style video? 

My music and art allow me to explore myself and go within - to truly identify who I really am and  dwell deeper into my connection with the rest of the world. My experience with Magnum Double  Barrel Whiskey is celebrating a full cycle of my journey. I started off many moons ago with my humble  acoustic Gibson Guitar, Stranger Amplifier and an old mix jamming in my room. I guess Magnum  Double Barrel Whiskey and I, we are stepping out together and celebrating our new cycle- finding our  place in the world. 

Q2.You have lived in several countries throughout your life. How have these experiences shaped  your music and personal style? 

My interaction with people from all over the world made me more human than anything else could  ever have. My music is a reflection of the human spirituality in all its brilliance despite how ever  mundane this society wants us to believe we are. 

Q3. Your music is a blend of different genres, incorporating elements of Indian classical music, afro reggae beats, hip-hop rhythms, and electronic music - how do you manage to integrate these diverse  musical styles together, what’s your creative process like?  

I was in the process of integrating myself. My ancestry with my current existence, my culture with  my exposure and experience. My creative process is living and breathing through it and coming out  alive with a sound, a mood, a vision all structured and integrated into my songs and videos.  

Q4.You are a pilot turned musician, two very different fields of work. How did you manage the  transition - can you tell us a little more on this unique journey?  

Actually, for a brief period, I was a musician / artist turned pilot. I had the chance to train myself to  fly and I did it. I prepare like a pilot who is going to take-off before a gig or when I step into production  or any studio work. ‘Prior Planning Prevents Pissed Poor Performance’ - this simple principle was  passed down to me during my training days at Bendigo Aviation by my Late Captain Chris Gobel. 

Q5. What advice would you give to aspiring artists and musicians who may come from diverse cultural  backgrounds like yours? 

Advice? Oh no. I don't think we artists need advice. We artists all know what we are doing and who  we are meant to be. The only thing stopping us is ourselves. Living our art intentionally is a challenge  in this world because they label us misfits and want to put us in a box with the herd, over authenticity, just because success is measured through the money you make and not by the art you put out. But it  starts to change when we become the change. 

Q6. Lastly, how do you like to have your whiskey? Do you have a go-to style you enjoy? 

My whiskey - I like it with my friends Good music and my close friends! Neat full of ice and  stirred, sipping it as I chill and break into a chorus or a banter. 

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