Madan Gowri’s newest venture - ‘MG Studios’ has dropped a new song titled Neo Ravanan

Madan Gowri’s newest venture - ‘MG Studios’ has dropped a new song titled Neo Ravanan

With more than 700 million views on his channel that has over 8 million subscribers, Madan's ability to win the audience with his flair for explaining complex subjects in simpler ways has gained him a strong following.His informative videos on topics range from current trends in science, philosophy, politics, and humanitarian issues history and so on. His channel garnered 1 lakh subscribers within 24 hours before even posting a single video! Today, his channel has over 1700 distinct videos.

Madan Gowri’s newest venture - ‘MG Studios’ has dropped a new song titled Neo Ravanan, which is symbolic of a modern Ravan in today's era and also highlights various anecdotes by revisiting our mythology.In this freewheeling chat with Loudest, he talks about his journey and his new song.Excerpts from an edited interview:

Q1. Tell us about your new song, “Neo Ravanan”.

A.As the name says, it is a song that explores the concept of Ravan in the modern age! That is why Neo Ravnan!

Q2. What was the inspiration behind the concept of the song? How did it come about?

A.When so much has been written and discussed about Ram, it has always been a mystery why Ravan wasn’t explored equally. That is why we started working on this concept.

Q3.How do you feel about the great response received by your fans to the video?

A.I have always been humbled by the love I receive. That pushes me to give more quality content to the audience.

Q4.Tell us about you’re newly opened production house,”MG Studios”?

A.I have produced all my past 4 songs on my own. This time I just decided to put a name to it.

Q5. What are your plans for the future with MG Studios?

A.Immediate plans are to explore the web series and independent song market on the internet.

Q6. What are your thoughts on regional music in India and its future?

A.Music has no language barrier. I don’t think there is anything called “regional music” There is just music.

Q7. Do you intend to branch out into other languages with your music?

A.As I said, music doesn’t have a language, so we celebrate Arabic Kuthu, Bathroom Song,Believer, and It’s My Life all in one playlist!

Q8.What are your future plans in terms of music?

A.To continue providing a platform for more upcoming musicians!

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