Journey from Logistics Industry Employee to the Founder of a Music Label Company-Deepti Gupta, CEO, Treasure Records

By Ojasvi Kapoor
January 06, 2023
Journey from Logistics Industry Employee to the Founder of a Music Label Company-Deepti Gupta, CEO, Treasure Records

A mother of two, an artist, and now an entrepreneur rising to build an empire in the music and entertainment industry, Deepti Gupta is the CEO and founder of Treasure Records, a new-generation music platform for budding artists to showcase their talents.

Deepti Gupta and her husband,Deepak Gupta, come from diverse professional backgrounds. Unlike most people, who are content with their ordinary jobs, the couple chose to grow their business and aim to do something more creative, which would provide them with more exposure to the world of cinematic arts. Drawing inspiration from her mother, who has always encouraged and motivated her to explore and experiment, and as rightfully put by her mother, "No work is too big or too small; be flexible and open to new challenges," Gupta started her own music label company. That's how Treasure Records started.

In a freewheeling chat with Loudest,She talks about her journey and more.

Tell us about your Journey from Logistics Industry employee to the founder of a music label company.

I was nurtured in the historic city of New Delhi, where I was born. I went to DAV and received my bachelor's degree in commerce from Delhi University. After graduating, I started working in logistics and eventually acquired 10 years of corporate experience.

I was later married and now a mother of two, an artist, and an entrepreneur working to support and enhance music's rich tradition.

Treasure Records was founded by myself and my husband, Deepak Gupta, and I've always wanted to do something on my own. Since my childhood, I've been writing poems and songs and singing along with them; however, this comes naturally to me.

How do female music business owners promote the sector's expansion?

I take my role as a prominent figure in the music industry very seriously, and I am also personally aware of the pervasive issues of gender discrimination. Many executives feel like both men and women have established equal opportunity within the music industry, but recent studies and surveys of women in music have proven these assumptions wrong.

Not just women leaders but all leaders should mentor and support women already in the field. Set up music networking events to give women the right contacts for industry success. Non-profit organizations help Women and support them in music through education, support, and recognition. Mentors can help guide an employee throughout her career in the industry, helping her navigate new projects, new roles, and negotiations as they arise. Mentors assist with branding and training to help women get ahead and circumvent barriers. A mentor typically focuses on improving soft skills, like better development of leadership tactics. Making mentorship a job for all leadership to participate in helps better distribute resources to those most in need.

Youtube's biggest hit JAANIYA, Sung by famous Bollywood singer Ankit Tiwari, has - 8.4+ M views, and also, AASMAN touched 2.4+ million views.

Treasure Records has signed singers like Ankit Tiwari (on the pulsating "Jaaniya," produced by Iconyk), Rupinn Pahwa (on their latest release, "Aasman"), and actors like Sameeksha Sud (on the playful Hindi/Punjabi song "Mean," sung by Ramya and composed by Teenu Arora) since its inception in 2021. The name Treasure Records implies that we keep the treasure's records as well as the talent we discover among the people in the industry. Similarly to several other commercial pop music labels in the country, Treasure Records' a music label company having a video-centric approach. However, we maintain that our success is dependent on target audiences who want to hear new music, which "inspires innovation" for labels and artists.

How a startup music label company hits 8 million views in one go on Youtube.

Treasure Records is the only platform where we cultivate talents and give opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed. Its mission is to discover, introduce, and produce the best emerging artists' work in the industry. The mission of the company is to build a platform that brings together new and established talent in order to encourage diversity in ideas and creativity while also allowing them to showcase their abilities.And that's what made us reach the 8 million views mark in one go on youtube. We believe in quality over quantity.

How do the Treasure Records platforms give chances to newcomers in the Bollywood Music Industry?

Treasure Records provides a platform for the new generation and emerging artists. I've seen and experienced how people with innovative ideas frequently listen to music, how it inspires creativity, and how music can change the game. Creating music must be unique; inspiration and exposure are essential and similar to when writing music. We at Treasure records look for all the above-mentioned qualities in an artist and once we find them we finalize them for our projects.

An entrepreneur and mother of 2 children who make her name in the Social media industry.

I lost confidence after entering the new world of motherhood, especially during the two years of Covid-19, following a difficult period that lowered my morale.

But that didn't stop me from starting Treasure Records and entering the music and entertainment industries. My husband and family were completely behind me in this endeavour. So, it was my husband who encouraged me to start my new music and entertainment business.


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