Instagram viral music sensation Vasu Kainth talks about his journey

By Ojasvi Kapoor
October 14, 2022
Instagram viral music sensation Vasu Kainth talks about his journey

Young and rising independent artist, Vasu Kainth has amassed a wide fanbase from his online presence, with his creative and unique music mashup videos often touching a million views.

He broke onto the scene with his original song  named ‘Sarphira’ and has kept up the momentum with his latest release 'Loriyan' which received over 1M streams. His other releases  include Rehn Do, Na pata mujhe that grew his listener base and his social media presence which currently stands at 114k Instagram followers and over 221k YouTube Subscribers.

His reel of Night Changes x Aao Milo Chalein went viral on Instagram and amassed a viewership of 10.9 million.

In a freewheeling chat with loudest he talks about his music journey.

Q1. Tell us about your background and early life?

I come from a middle class Punjabi family who have supported me and my choices ever since I was a kid. I'd like to give credits for my musical talents to my grandfather. I started my musical journey at the age of 10. My ambitions and a strong drive to achieve them make me an artist dedicated to my craft and being true to myself. 

Q2. How did you decide to make a career in music?

It was surely not planned, I used to dance when I was really young i.e 6-7 years old but when I turned 8, my grandfather took me to a music teacher where I gained more interest in music. Since then I’ve always wanted to make a career in music.

Q3. What is the process and inspiration behind the songs/ videos you create?

Mostly the ideas and  inspiration for my songs and videos come from the past events or current scenarios in my life. If I have to write lyrics for my next original song it has to be something that I’ve experienced or experiencing currently.

Q4. Where do you see the Indian music scene in the coming years?

The Indian music scene is growing rapidly. The audience is becoming more picky on the type of music they want to hear. I see the Indian music industry overtaking the western industry within no time. 

Q5. Where do you see yourself in the coming 3 years?

With what we have planned so far, I see myself as a grown “Artist” performing around the world.

Q6. Your mashup video of Night Changes x Aao Milo Chalein garnered 10+ million views, how do you feel about that?

The feeling is still unmatched, the response was crazy and the number of people who saw and appreciated the video is unbelievable.

Q7. Tell us about your Future plans?

To be identified as not just a content creator but much more than that.I want grow and be a better version of myself over the coming years as a versatile music artist.

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