Indie Week: In Conversation With Yatin Srivastava Project

By San Cha
August 19, 2018
Indie Week: In Conversation With Yatin Srivastava Project
Yatin Srivastava Project is a solo project of Delhi/London based musician Yatin Srivastava. Initially conceptualized in 2011, the project has evolved into a Progressive Rock/Metal band over the past few years. Yatin Srivastava Project released it's first full length album titled 'Chaos // Despair' on the 25th of May 2018. In fact, this came out after the release of two EP's, a LIve DVD and two singles. The record took more than two years to personalize their own sound. 'Chaos // Despair' is divided into two broad themes. Each theme is showcased by three songs each and that too in under 45 minutes.The content of the record mostly deals with Yatin's experiences through the last three years and beyond. More so in detail, the songs deal with themes of political disarray, religious fear-mongering, war, loss, the lack of inter-personal connection, battles related to mental health and personal strife through the two themes of 'Chaos' and 'Despair'.  Yatin mixed the album himself and left the mastering on Ermin Hamidovic's shoulders. In fact, Ermin is a known name in Progressive Metal genre in the pro-audio community.

We sat down with Yatin Srivastava Project for a quick chat. Here's how our chat went down with him.

Loudest: How did you decide to form the 'Yatin Srivastava Project'?

Yatin: I wasn't really happy with my experiences in the bands that I had been with.  I felt that I needed to express myself on my own terms. Secondly, the idea of working with any musician that I wanted to really excited me. That's how the Yatin Srivastava Project came to life.  

Loudest: "Commercial music is taking the limelight from Rock/Metal music." How much do you agree with the statement and what how will you define the current state of your genre?

Yatin: I think it's clear that commercial music has always had the limelight, that's why it's commercial. But as far as Rock/Metal music goes, it still has the same strength as it as had globally before. There's still albums that reach No.1 on the Billboard. Rock is certainly not dead.

Loudest: 'Chaos // Despair' defines your sound to an average listener. How difficult was it to put out an album like this?

Yatin: Personally, the strongest point was that the record finally showcases a sound that I can call my own. That was possibly the hardest thing for me to form. I had a lot of songs that I'd made up and the challenge was to select a collection of songs that would flow really well together. hopefully that comes across to the people listening. 'Chaos//Despair' sounds better when it's listened to in full.

Loudest: How was the experience of working with Bruce Soord & Craig Bundell on the album?

Yatin: It's still surreal. Maybe I've said that more than I should have but it's still too unreal for me. I could not have imagined it to turn out so well and especially fit into the music so well. They really transcended the tracks to another level whilst still not completely changing the sound. They are the most professional people I've ever worked it and it's insane to imagine that these musicians with such an array of work and success would be so down to earth.

Loudest: NH7 Weekender is around the corner. How do you think the platform has been helping independent music acts?

Yatin: I think Weekender is obviously a stage where you do have to work quite a lot to get on to. But I think once you do, it's really good for the indie artists who do make it. Weekender isn't explicitly made to nurture indie acts, it's more of a festival that gets us international acts we've never seen before. I think that's important to note.

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