DJ Shadow Dubai becomes first DJ in the world to have an Autobiography based on his life

DJ Shadow Dubai becomes first DJ in the world to have an Autobiography based on his life

As a young blooded member of the Indian music industry,DJ Shadow Dubai is a multi award winning superstar Bollywood  DJ and has officially produced for Pitbull, Sean Paul,Guru Randhawa,Badshah, Bohemia and more.

Over the last couple of years,DJ Shadow Dubai has performed to huge crowds all over the world -Asia, America, Australia, Africa and parts of Europe;completing a milestone 2000 shows in his career.He has featured in the soundtracks of Bollywood Blockbusters-Sanju,Aashiqui2,EkVillain,NamasteEngland,AGentleman,Rustom& Zid and has performed for mega-celebrities likeShah Rukh Khan,Salman Khan,Akshay Kumar, Kajol, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and many more.

Shadow has also been highlighted in the Guinness Book of World Records for having participated in the World’s Biggest DJ Rally.Apart from being a versatile DJ,Shadow’s ability to innovate with the times has ensured a steady growth in his popularity across the globe.He becomes first DJ in the world to have an Autobiography based on his life.In this freewheeling chat with Loudest, he talks about his Autobiography and journey. Excerpts from an edited interview:

Q1. Hello! We would love to know about your journey in this industry so far.

A.The journey started almost a decade ago. After my engineering, I was working at an events company and that’s when I saw a DJ perform for the first time. I was fascinated and inspired by the control he had over the crowd and the power as well as fame he had. A few years down the journey I realised I really wanted to do this and so I started off with remixes and then originals. It’s been a long journey from a club resident DJ to a touring DJ; now my music and me travels across the globe.

Q2.So,Tell us about your autobiography,What came into your mind to publish this?

A.So I used to write when I traveled in my early days as a DJ. I was 21 years old and traveling constantly to India from Dubai. I used to write in my journal not for any particular reason, just to document and spare time in flights. When covid hit, I found these journals and I decided to share it. Having a lot of interesting stories and experiences with me behind the Indian nightlife and all that goes behind the scenes, I decided that this should be shared with the world. Now a days we only show the good side on social media but this story is different, it covers both, the good and the bad which makes it more intriguing. While working on this book, I was also working on the music for this web series called 7 sense. The producers of this web series, Gaurang Doshi and Rocky Khan read it and they really liked it. They purchased the visual rights for this unpublished book to be made into a web series and I couldn’t be happier. Every artist is a storyteller and there are a lot of interesting bits in my life.

Q3.What keeps you motivated to create New feats? 

A.In my musical career, having lived in Dubai for so many years, it’s always been an amalgamation of different cultures. In my sets I used to play English and Hindi music which rose to popularity instantly. I saw a trend of K-pop music and then Latin beats and I strongly believe, Indian music is the next big wave.

Q4.Tell us about your recent tours and collaborations? 

A.In the next few months, we have multiple international collaborations coming out, starting with Lil Pump and Honey Singh, next with Rick Ross which was going to be with Sidhu Moosewala but because of his demise, we have to take a call on that. Post that, a song with Jason and Urvashi. All of these songs are different in terms of style and that was our intention with these songs.Touring is one of the big parts of being a DJ. It inspires me to try out different things in my studio when I’m back home. Listening to different cultures, watching and meeting new people, understanding different crowds, all of this has been an important part in my journey.

Q5.What are your upcoming projects in future? 

A.I met the producers of 7 Sense, Gaurang Doshi and Rocky Khan and they had this idea to take an Indian series global and to do so, we plan to have 7 promotional songs for the web-series that are all different from each other. The first collaboration that will be out will be with Lil Pump and Yo Yo Honey Singh. It’s a straight up party song with a blend of house, hip hop and South American music influences. Honey Singh is seen in his element with his original style and his fans are going to vibe with this one the most. The track is titled Casanova. The second collaboration features Rick Ross and Sidhu Moosewala but because of his unfortunate demise, we have to take a call on that. . It is heavily inspired by Arabic music and we even shot the music video in the desserts of Dubai. The third song features Jason and Urvashi. It’s Urvashi’s singing debut and Jason is back again with a banger for India after Jalebi Baby. It’s a modern love pop song with a retro sound, something no one will expect from us. With 7 Sense, our idea was to make seven songs that are different from each other as well as different from the Indian music that’s coming out. It’s an amalgamation of different styles from around the world and something the Indian market has not seen before. I am really excited for all of the songs to release over the next few months.

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