“Artium Academy Is No. 1 Music Education Platform For Indians Globally”-Ashish Joshi, Founder CEO Artium Academy

“Artium Academy Is No. 1 Music Education Platform For Indians Globally”-Ashish Joshi, Founder CEO Artium Academy

Ashish Joshi, the visionary Founder and CEO of Artium Academy. With a passion for music education and a drive to innovate, Joshi has spearheaded Artium Academy's journey to becoming a leading platform for nurturing musical talent.

He leads a groundbreaking initiative where the curriculum is crafted by renowned Music Maestros like Sonu Nigam and Shubha Mudgal. Under his leadership, ARTIUM Academy offers personalized 1:1 instruction delivered by certified teachers.

His extensive background includes leadership roles at prominent organizations such as Universal Music Group, Hungama, and Amex, spanning various verticals and industries

In an exclusive interview with,he delve into his insights and experiences as he shares his inspiring story and the vision behind Artium Academy's transformative impact on the world of music education.

Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Can you share the story behind the founding of Artium Academy and what motivated you to start this venture?

Despite of the depth, diversity and richness, India had never witnessed a structured Music education program that meets the global standards set by some of the iconic brands like Trinity, Berkleys, Julliards etc. While we have Global brand entering India to promote Western Music programs to music learners in India, there was no Global brand emerging from India to offer Globally standardised Indian classical music programs to the world. Also, we realised that the entire Music value chain in India had a massive gap. The journey of a music aspirant from Learning to creating to monetisation was broken and they had to struggle at every stage of their journey. We identified these gaps and that lead to the foundation of Artium. 

Q2.What sets Artium Academy apart from other music education platforms or institutions?

Artium is the worlds' first outcome driven Music Education platform. Artium offers performance driven structured Music education program, designed by the Maestros of Indian Music industry, which streamlines the journey of a music aspirant from learning to creating to monetisation.

  • Learn: Artium offers globally standardised performance driven music education program to give a well-rounded musical grooming to our learners. We are building AI based assessment and prescription tools to aide efficient learning and performing, thereby offering qualitative pedagogy.
  • Create: Talented & aspiring learners from our cohort of learners & teachers get an opportunity to launch themselves as Artists through our creative & collaborative tools financed by Artium.
  • Monetize/Distribute: These creators/artists are signed through our Music label and get an opportunity to monetize/distribute their music content through our digital distribution partnerships, live show opportunities & brand partnerships. 

Q3.How do you envision the role of technology in shaping the future of music education, and how does Artium Academy leverage technology to enhance learning experiences?

We believe that India, because of the size and geography, will leap frog using technology to offer best in class music education. Even if we build physical infrastructure to offer offline classes, our Technology will allow us to deliver a Phygital experience to our learners giving them an elevated learning experience. Artium has built indigenous and propriety technology platform which is evangelising the Music education space. Artium has built a bespoke video conferencing platform embedded with learning tools like Tanpura, metronome, Tabla, instrument tuner etc. in form of a comprehensive Practice studio. Artium offers P2P socket technology to ensure that all these learning tools offer seamless and zero-lag sound quality while delivering live lessons in the class. Our patent pending technology for keyboard/piano live classes allows, both the teachers and students, to see each others’ keyboard on their respective dashboards along with the notations and chord sheets providing an immersive and almost an in-person class experience. Our AI based assessment and prescription tools helps our learners practice well between their classes and stay up-to-date with their lessons. Our scientifically devised learning graphs allows the users to have comprehensive assessment on various Musical parameters on their dashboards. These assessments allows the users to calibrate learning paths with their teachers from time to time.

Q4.How has Artium Academy's revenue performance evolved since its establishment, and what factors have influenced this growth?

Artium has grown 4X year on year since its inception in 2021. We are the no. 1 Music education platform for Indians globally.

Factors that have influenced this growth:

  • Depth of technology and modern pedagogy
  • Academic board boasts of the Maestros like Sonu Nigam, KS Chithra, Aruna Sairam, Shubha Mudgal, Louiz Banks, Raju Singh, Ananth Vaidyanathan, Anish Pradhan & Gino Banks. These legends have been serving as Faculty heads on the board and are involved in designing the curriculum, conducting Masterclasses, inducting teachers, creating brand films etc
  • Being the most popular music education brand amongst the diaspora population. More than 50% of the new enrolled learners every month from the diaspora Indian population.
  • Founders with strong pedigree in the Music & entertainment industry supported by a committed Tech/product, Academics, Marketing & content teams.

Q5.Can you discuss any partnerships or collaborations that Artium Academy has forged within the music industry or educational sector?

Here are few of the partnerships/collaborations,Having the biggest Maestros of the Indian Music industry as the members of Artium Academic board,Partnered with a CBSE school in Rajasthan to launch India’s first NEP integrated CBSE music education program ,Successful conclusion of the first season of Artium Superstar, our own talent show to offer platform to our talents. Many TV reality shows have started approaching us to become the bedrock of talent for their shows.

Q6.Looking ahead, what are your plans or goals for the future growth and expansion of Artium Academy, both locally and globally?

  • International growth plan: We are in the process of forging multiple local partnerships with publications, retailers, radio stations, production houses in key markets like North America, UK, Australia & Singapore to continue our growth & reach amongst the diaspora Indian population.
  • Offline setup: We are in the process of rolling out few company owned offline centre in Southern India starting with Chennai. We intend to launch around 50     such centres within 12-18 months       pan India. We will start with India and then expand globally.
  • School program: Having developed a comprehensive curriculum, We plan to take pole position in rolling out NEP integrated school programs in all the CBSE/ICSE schools in India.
  • Music Label: We will be launching our Music Label soon to give a platform to our own talents and help them in their journey to become Music stars/creators/influencers of future.

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