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Zohran Miranda Unleashes Futuristic Retro Synth Sound on 'Time for Two' EP

By Loudest Team
April 19, 2023
Zohran Miranda Unleashes Futuristic Retro Synth Sound on 'Time for Two' EP

Dropping his EP after a gap of about a year, Zohran Miranda keeps his date with futuristic sounds through vintage styles, in his sonic storytelling spread across his 5 track debut EP ‘Time for Two’ that releases today, April 12th across streaming platforms. 

Zohran picks up from where he left post his four part Quadrilogy and takes his distinct Pop-tronic vibe to the next level unleashing a nostalgic genre-bending fusion of lo-fi electronic, RnB funky disco grooves blending retro-futuristic synth machines.

This compilation is about ascension, transcending from an ordinary being to one’s ultimate truth, something we all struggle with through our lives. It is the breaking through of one’s comfort demons that we have befriended along the way that we mistakenly identify as our own.

Speaking about his new body of work, Zohran says, “In the last two years of writing and producing these songs, I have taken on new avatars that I never knew existed. I pushed back on the idea that we’re supposed to be on one path alone, and fought my inner demons, to believe I could put my name on my own projects and work with peers I was once intimidated to work with. Hence, Time for Two, is the robotic me having a conversation with my spirit animal and saying, I don’t want to just see who I am, I want to experience who I am.”

Longtime collaborator, Jovian Soans has co-produced this EP and has mixed and mastered all tracks to maintain their retro-modern pop sound. There are hints of influences from old school RnB, soul, funk & dance to chase the nostalgia in every one’s hearts. The title track of the EP will have a video that will follow. Keeping in line with Zohran’s love for robots, the new video will also feature two robots going on with their daily grind, when a mystic cat appears and spontaneously ignites a doubt that sparks curiosity and it makes them break all the rules, going against their conditioning to explore unfamiliar territory. 

‘Time For Two’ is out now on all streaming platforms. You can hear the same by clicking the link below;

EP Credits;

Zohran Miranda: Producer / Composer / Vocals – All tracks

Jovian Soans: Co-producer / Mixing & Mastering Engineer – All tracks

Sadek Merchant: Album artwork

Song 1: Time for Two

Yamini Lavanian: Co-writer / Co-composer / Vocals

Aditya Ashok: Drums / Co-production

Rushad Mistry: Bass

Vineel Patil: Music Video / Animation

Song 2: The Game

Beven Fonseca: Keys

Aditya Ashok: Drums

Rushad Mistry: Bass

Song 3: Courage

Yamini Lavanian: Vocals

Rushad Mistry: Bass

Vatan Dhuriya: Keys / Talkbox

Song 4: Back to Life

Natasha Pinto: Melodic arrangement / keys

Ralph Menezes: Bass

Song 5: 8-BIT Rules (Reprise)

Riya Duggal & Simran Duggal: Vocals

Adrian D'souza: Keys

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