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Vismay Patel is back with "Pal Behta Jaaye 2.0"

By Ojasvi Kapoor
January 24, 2023
Vismay Patel is back with "Pal Behta Jaaye 2.0"

Vismay Patel, an Indian pop singer-songwriter, composer, and producer, has released "Pal Behta Jaaye 2.0," a reprise version of his viral hit song "Pal Behta Jaaye," which has 2.2 million Spotify streams.

Vismay, who is known for composing songs with a soothing and relaxing touch as well as meaningful, well-written lyrics, has released 11 singles on global platforms which have been well received andorganically garnered millions of streams, views and listeners. In the year 2022, Vismay had 22.2 million streams and 3.3 million listeners on Spotify.

Speaking on the reprise version, Vismay Patel says, "Pal Behta Jaaye received love from my listeners across the globe. Soon after the release, people started discovering my playlist and started reaching out to me sharing their experiences after listening to the tracks, especially Pal Behta Jaaye and I really wanted to create another version of the song. Sonically Pal Behta Jaye 2.0 is simpler and very light in comparison to the original track. Its very simple in terms of production, We have produced this version with only 2 instruments that is guitars & drums making it soothing and soulful for the audience."

His distinct style of  about themes of daily life and catchy compositions are always reliable. He is a passionate artist who does not fail to push the envelope and deliver soul-touching .He has performed at various  shows and fests like Beered Up, La Binge fest, Mood Indigo, bir  fest to name a few and managed to connect with his audience with his .

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