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Indie artist Sanjay Maroo makes a comeback with these new releases

By Loudest Team
November 07, 2022
Indie artist Sanjay Maroo makes a comeback with these new releases

Indie artist Sanjay Maroo is making a comeback into the indie scene in the country with a string of single releases that he has planned over the next few months. His debut album in the 90's "Tu Hi Tu" was a runaway hit and he was amongst the pioneers of indie pop in the country. 

Sanjay released his first single Kal Ka Bharosa on 4th Nov 2022. This song is about an emanation of the lessons I’ve learnt, from the world’s greatest  Life. 7 albums and several videos later, Sanjay Maroo returns with Kal Ka Bharosa,Sanjay says “I write when I feel and this project features some very special tracks which truly mirror my state of mind at this stage of my journey”. “It’s a Pop-Rock track in 7” he laughs. “Those who know will know, for the rest, I hope you feel the flow and enjoy the ”.

Adding more to it he says "For Kal Ka Bharosa, I took my time to hone each word and line as it’s a very personal expression. It’s a reflection of who I am today and how I feel at this stage of my life after having seen the lows and the highs, the shallows and depths. Akin to the cliché: Been there….But it is my personal view that till the day you breathe your last, you’re still learning and when you realize and accept that there’s always going to be so much more to go, a glow of humility soothes the soul, and facilitates the eventual goal of unconditional surrender to the higher force, smashing all the frailties of false ego and pride. Never been technically trained so there’s no pre-meditated plan or concept when I write or compose. It’s only from what comes to me from within and how the sound affects my head space when playing even just a few keys.


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