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After Sam Smith posted his reel, songwriter and music producer Gravero is further motivated to create more content

By Ojasvi Kapoor
December 26, 2022
After Sam Smith posted his reel, songwriter and music producer Gravero is further motivated to create more content

Sam Smith's sharing of Sourav Ray aka Gravero's most recent Unholy x Kehna Hi Kya mashup has given the 20-year-old songwriter, music producer, and content creator, further motivation to create more content for his followers.

Gravero says, "I had taken a back as soon as I heard the words "Sam Smith featured your Unholy mix on his page"It was a roller coaster of emotions which was celebrated by my peers and my team more than me.Honestly, this mix was an experiment that invited a lot of self doubt but this feature made me believe that there is no better way of moving forward towards the journey of becoming an artist than experimenting and taking chances.

I have always looked up-to artists like Sam Smith for blessing the industry with good music with a fresh approach.Such acknowledgements and appreciations motivate artist such as me to continue to produce content for my audience. I have a number of aspirations and so many milestones to achieve and this events happens to be a great catalyst for me to work on those.

I will be performing in Mumbai on the 24th December at the Dublin Square and I am just hopeful to receive the same love as I get on my social media by my audience.

There are a few more projects lined up with multiple artists and its my promise to my audience to give my 100 percent in making my content a pleasure to listen to and worth their while.

My message to other artists would be “Umeed nahi, Zidd honi chahiye”Gravero is know for his viral mashups like Spirits X Duniya which has clocked over 10.1 million views on Instagram and a number of other viral mashup such as Dholida X Industry Baby, Talking to the Moon X, Jaane De, Jhoom X Kabira to name of you.

His mashup Meri Jaan X Chand Sifarish went viral and has close to 25 million views on Instagram.

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