YouTube Music launches 'Listening Room' beta programme

By Loudest Team
January 24, 2023
YouTube Music launches 'Listening Room' beta programme

The YouTube Music team is launching an early access programme that will give selected users access to new features to gather feedback.

The team will collaborate with the users on Discord that will see them communicate directly with the YouTube Music product team to provide feedback for new features.Google opened a dedicated Google Forms page for the sign-up but at the time of writing this report, it appears that the team is no longer accepting submissions.

As part of the group, users will be expected to use YouTube Music as their primary audio streaming platform for a year, give regular feedback on Discord and agree that they will not share any information.

The sign-up forms also categorised users into seven types including, "I like to listen to nostalgic music, and I usually listen to music in the background while doing chores, traveling, commuting, or working out," and "Music defines and inspires me. I am highly opinionated about music, and I don’t care as much about music that is considered popular."

As to 9to5Google reports, the team also asked the users for their preferences on form factor, usage and frequency.The accepted group of testers will be notified in February 2023 of the next steps they have to take.

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