Former Spotify Executive Joins Exceleration Music To Support Independent Labels

Former Spotify Executive Joins Exceleration Music To Support Independent Labels

David Ecker, a former executive at Spotify, has joined Exceleration Music as the Label Development Manager. In his new role, Ecker will be responsible for developing and growing Exceleration Music's roster of independent labels.

Exceleration Music is a Los Angeles-based company that provides support and resources to independent music labels. The company was founded in 2019 by a group of music industry veterans, including former executives from Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

Ecker brings a wealth of experience to his new role at Exceleration Music. He previously worked at Spotify as the Global Lead of Label Relations and Business Development. In that role, he was responsible for managing relationships with music labels and developing new business opportunities for the company.

Prior to his time at Spotify, Ecker worked at Warner Music Group and EMI Music. He has also worked as a consultant for music startups and has experience in music licensing and distribution.

In a statement, Ecker said, "I am thrilled to be joining the Exceleration Music team and working with some of the most talented and innovative independent labels in the industry. I look forward to helping these labels grow and succeed in an ever-changing music landscape."

Scott Boyarsky, CEO of Exceleration Music, said, "David's experience and expertise in the music industry make him the perfect fit for our Label Development Manager role. We are excited to have him on board as we continue to grow our business and support independent labels."

Ecker's appointment comes at a time when the music industry is undergoing significant changes, driven by the increasing popularity of digital music streaming services. Independent labels are playing an increasingly important role in the music industry, as they offer a diverse range of music and often provide a platform for up-and-coming artists.

Exceleration Music's focus on supporting independent labels and Ecker's experience in the music industry position the company well to take advantage of these changes and continue to grow in the coming years.

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